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Why Contribute To The Paul v Clinton Litigation Fund

More than 200,000 concerned Americans have financially supported the efforts of Peter Paul to prosecute his landmark civil suit against the Clintons in California courts to use the tools of discovery to expose the Clinton Cabal of Corruption that has a stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

As the law suit proceeds to trial with discovery in May, 2008, depositions of key witnesses including Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Al Gore, Ed Rendell, Terry McAuliffe, Mike Wallace, Larry King, Barbara Streisand and Cher will be taken and videotaped. Significant resources will be required to fight the Clinton Washington team of legal pit bulls who are spending millions of Clinton ill gotten gains to desperately fight the release of the information of criminality that will be exposed in this case.

Because the Governemnt and the Media will not expose the Clinton Cabal of Corruption to the American People or hold them accountable- this citizen’s initiative to use the courts to present a case to the American People for ending the Clinton Dynasty relies exclusively on your support!