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Indicting Hillary

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The new documentary film “Indicting Hillary” shows Hillary Clinton’s role in the campaign fraud that elected her to the Senate. It combines explosive home video taken by Peter Paul with key interviews to show why Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead America.

FEC Forces Clinton Campaign to Report $721,000 Peter Paul Donation

The Federal Election Commission has now determined that Andrew Grossman, treasurer of Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign, is legally responsible for the three false FEC reports that Hillary’s finance director David Rosen was criminally charged and tried for in 2005. Grossman signed a Conciliation Agreement with the FEC on December 13, 2005 admitting his culpability, agreed to pay a civil fine of $35,000, and agreed to amend the false reports to reflect an additional $721,000 in expenses paid by Peter Paul for the Clinton Gala fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

The FEC found that “there was probable cause to believe New York Senate 2000 and Andrew Grossman, in his official capacity as treasurer, violated 2 U.S.S Sec 434(b) of the Federal Election Camp[aign Act of 1971 and 11 C.F.R. Sec 102(c)(8)(i)(A).” See Peter Paul’s blog for details.

This finding by the FEC makes it clear that it was Grossman, not Rosen, who acted for Hillary Clinton in filing false statements about more than $1.2 million in contributions to her Senate campaign. Hillary must now explain why, after being notified of the first false reports she refused to amend them and allowed a third false report to be submitted to the FEC.


The Original Complaint That Notified Hillary Clinton of Her FEC Fraud

Peter Paul Appeal Documents Criminal Misconduct by Hillary [PDF: 158K]

August 18, 2000, TWO DAYS AFTER denying to the Washington Post that she knew Paul, or that he contributed to her campaign, Hillary sends Personal Thank You Letter to Paul .

On August 18, 2000, the same day that Hillary sends a special thank you to Paul, Bill sends a handwritten letter thanking Paul for the “boost” the “wonderful event gave Hillary’s campaign”. This note was intended to induce Paul not to dispute the false statements made by Hillary’s campaign to the Washington Post on August 14 and August 16 regarding Paul’s role with Hillary’s Senate campaign.

August 24, 2000, seven days after the Washington Post publishes story that Clinton’s spokesman announced the refund of Paul’s $2,000 check to Hillary’s campaign, and that no contributions would be accepted from Paul, Hillary’s Finance Dir Rosen asks Paul for $100,000 in stock to be transferred by his controller, Gordon, to Hillary’s NY Working Family Party for Hillary.

August 24, 2000, a week after Hillary told the Washington Post through her spokesman Wolfson, that Paul’s $2000 contribution had been returned and that she would not accept any money from Paul, Hillary’s Finance Director David Rosen Sends Wiring Instructions For Working Family Party to Launder Paul’s Contribution of Stock Worth $100,000 to Hillary’s Campaign After Hillary Pledged with Lazio Not to Use Soft Money

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Gala Concert Dedicated Bank Account statement shows that more than $630,000 was deposited by Peter Paul towards concert production costs alone, not including the VIP reception for 1200 catered by Wolfgang Puck, the VIP Dinner for 600 by Puck, printing, artists’ transportation and expenses and related expenses.

The absurdity of Hillary’s campaign reporting that the TOTAL gala expense was $366,000, in its first FEC report filed two weeks before the election, is magnified by Hillary spokesman Howard Wolfson’s admission to the Washington Post, three days after the event, that the event cost over $ 1 million and was an in kind contribution to her campaign. These facts confirm the fraudulent intent of Hillary’s campaign to hide the true costs of her largest fundraising event from the voters and the FEC.

On December 13, 2005, Hillary’s campaign treasurer Andrew Grossman, formally admitted in a settlement with the FEC that he had violated the Federal Election Law by hiding more than $720,000 of Paul’s contributions in the three false FEC reports he signed and filed! This raises the question of Grossman’s false testimony in the Rosen trial and his obstruction of the FBI investigation that led to Rosen’s indictment and trial!

This is an example of one of the checks Peter Paul used to pay for the Gala concert hard money fund raising component of the Gala Tribute. It was deposited in a special account opened by Black Ink shown above. It is signed by Paul from an account of one of his personal holding companies. It refers to “For Stan Lee’s Hosting”, clearly not paid by Stan Lee Media as reported by Hillary’s campaign.

Hillary saw this check, and others like it, in early July, 2001, when it was hand delivered to her Senate chambers with Paul’s demand letter to report his contributions to the FEC on July 16, 2001, it was also attached to Paul’s civil complaint against her as a defendant, filed June 18, 2001 and it was attached to an FEC complaint against her filed on July 16, 2001 and hand delivered to her senate offices that day. Nonetheless, she ignored it, and the other checks and invoices attached when she aided and abetted a third false FEC report to be filed by her Senate campaign Treasurer, Andrew Grossman, on July 30, 2001.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

On July 30 2001 Hillary’s Campaign Treasurer Andrew Grossman, sent this letter response/report to a request by the FEC for more information on Event 39 (the Farewell Gala). July 30, 2001 was two weeks after Hillary, her lawyer David Kendall, Grossman and Bill Clinton were served as co-defendants with the civil complaint for fraud and coercion filed by Paul on June 18, 2001; a demand letter that was hand delivered to Hillary’s Senate chambers on July 16, 2001 with a copy of a Federal Election Complaint filed by Paul - all accompanied by checks and invoices to support Paul’s claims of more than $1.2 million contributed on Hillary’s behalf. This 3rd Fraudulent FEC Report was filed by Grossman with the knowledge and assistance of Hillary, Bill and David Kendall who had begun working on the 300 page response Hillary filed on August 5, 2001 in the civil case.

Hillary Reports Celebrity Photog Annie Liebowitz’ Contribution of Professional Services at FMV as Required by FEC Regs, But Hides Services Contributed through Peter Paul by Cher, Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Tony Braxton, Melissa Ethridge, Michael Bolton and Sugar Ray.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign knew how to comply with Federal Election Regulations as shown by Hillary’s report of professional services, valued at $2000 for each photograph taken by her friend and celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz, of each $25,000 contributor to Hillary’s campaign.

As required by FEC regulations, when professional services are contributed to help a federal candidate raise funds, those services must be reported as an “in kind” contribution by the service provider or producer, based on the fair market value of those services. However, when it came to the fair market value of the professional services that Peter Paul had eight international singing stars contribute to help Hillary raise hard dollar contributions through the Gala concert, no similar report was made!

Hillary witnessed the services being provided by Cher, Diana Ross, Patti La Belle, Tony Braxton, Melissa Ethridge, Michael Bolton, Sugar Ray and Paul Anka, and yet she did not have ANY of their service contributions reported as she did with Annie Liebovitz. This amounted to an additional $1 million in in kind contributions being hidden by Hillary’s campaign.