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Google Shareholders Consider Suing Google Management For Censoring Hillary!Uncensored

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

Google shareholders have banded together to consider obtaining a court order to force Google management to desist from interposing their personal political agendas in censoring content that generates large audiences for the company.

Google’s #1 ranked video on its Top 100 International videos from October 25- October 31, the 13 minute trailer for the Hillary Clinton documentary Hillary!Uncensored- Banned by the Media, suddenly disappeared from Google’s Top 100 list and Top 10 list, and from the search engine entirely- just as the unedited video for an unfinished documentary was approaching 2 million views.

Google has been criticized in the past for removing conservative sites and e-zines from its search engine- but never before have they suddenly taken down their most popular ranked video from Google Videos! This action crosses the line to effectively damage the business of the company by canceling a multi-million person audience for a video because its critical opf a favorite political candidate of the management.

As officers and directors of a public company in the business of both searching and now exhibiting videos to build large audiences of users, the management can not direct the business and good will of the company to accomplish political agendas that interfere with the basic business of the company.


The “Shocking Video That Hillary Doesn’t Want You To See” was #1 political/news video for the month on YouTube in the United Kingdom after an Englishman edited and posted the Google video  Hillary!Uncensored there under  the new title.  The original Google version was ranked #1 for 28 days more than 3 million combined views on both sites. As the audience around the world was climbing, the video was sandbagged by Google on November 2, 2007 to stop its meteoric “viral” phenomenon as #1 ranked video on Top 100 videos internationally. FOX News’ anchor Eric Shawn did a story on Sunday on the video trailer on Hillary Clinton’s illegalities that overtook the internet, but was unable to find the video anywhere on Google on November 3!. After making internet history when the 13 minute unedited, not-for-release trailer of Hillary!Uncensored was leaked by Lucianne Goldberg on October 7, 2007, various obstacles developed to attempt to thwart public awareness of this first ever documentary on the most powerful woman in the US.

Hillary’s “Crime On Tape” Protected By CA Appellate Court

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

In a ruling handed down today on whether Hillary Clinton should be given first amendment protection for civil frauds she committed to fund her US Senate campaign, a three judge California appellate panel, including two appointees by Gov Grey Davis who had worked in the same law firm together representing the ACLU, ruled that it would not allow newly released video evidence capturing Hillary in election law violations because:

“Because it would be inappropriate for us to decide on appeal whether Senator Clinton or Clinton for Senate violated federal law in connection with the solicitation of Paul’s in-kind contributions, Paul’s motion to admit a videotaped recording of a July 17, 2000 telephone call among Paul, Stan Lee and Senator Clinton in which they discuss the Hollywood Tribute and his request for judicial notice related to this issue are denied.”


The court also denied consideration (judicial notice) of court testimony by admitted Clinton agent to Paul, Jim Levin, who testified that he was delegated by the Clintons to initiate the illegal campaign solicitation from him on their behalf.

Paul v Clinton will now proceed against the remaining defendants, former President Bill Clinton, Grammys producer gary Smith and strip club owner James Levin, who exhausted their appeals to the California Supreme Court in 2004 and their trial date for March, 2007 will now be reset for 2008 with Hillary Clinton guaranteed by the judge to be required to testify under oath as a material witness.