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The Black Hand of Hillary Clinton Hangs Don Imus

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Speaking truth to power through humor has fueled Don Imus’ broadcasting career for three decades. His audience has been built on unbridled political commentary and the humor that comes from political incorrectness, the political and social “polish jokes” of the evolving pop culture.

In the past, when he tore the envelope of acceptable “racial and religious” humor in a particularly brutal way, he was chastised and allowed to continue unabated broadcasting his stream of consciousness iconoclastic view of the world after a simple apology.


But Imus was ill prepared for the iron fist of Hillary Clinton that struck a knock out blow to his future as a media personality this week. His humorously pathetic efforts to emulate a Hip Hop “artist” in his choice of phraseology about a black girl’s basketball team provided the fuel that Hillary’s media goon squad could use to finally burn Imus at the stake in the name of racial respect. Hillary was poised to pounce on Imus’ mainstay of racially lame humor when it was politically convenient for her to do so.


On April 5, Imus gave Hillary’s race baiters the necessary race card to remove the only media gadfly that dared to call a spade a spade when it came to Hillary Clinton’s malevolent and above the law political career and ambitions.


The timing of the Hillary directed racial call to arms to lynch Imus is painfully obvious. As Hillary’s presidential ambitions are threatened by an increasingly popular black political opponent, and as New York based Imus has become the lone media voice in the wilderness that doggedly exposes the would be Empress of the World’s lack of any socially redeeming “political clothes”, the Senator that Imus refers to as “Satan” has demonstrated what happens to any opponent that underestimates her diabolical power.


The moment that Donald Trump’s on air plea to Imus to allow Hillary to come on Imus’ show and be interviewed was rejected soundly with Imus’ retort that Hillary was Satan incarnate and could never be on his show, Imus sealed his fate. Almost instantaneously, the “nappy headed ho” quote was recalled from the previous day by the always indignant defender of all things Black, Reverend Al, who came forward to incite the willing media hordes and set the bonfire that guaranteed Imus’ immolation.



With the Clintonian irony that is a trademark of the hypocrisy that the Clintons wield as a sword, Senator “F*****g Jew Bastard” (below) Clinton directed Reverend “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton (below) and Reverend “Hymie from Hymietown” Jackson, to go forth before her hordes of media sycophants and rise up in all of their rhetorical indignation to lead the mob of Hillary supporters, apologists and media toadies in a chorus demanding Imus’ immediate removal from the public air waves.


Imus is now feeling the notorious wrath of the most vindictive and meanspirited political figure since Richard Nixon, as he comes face to face with the unprecedented power of Senator and would be first American Empress, Hillary Clinton. Imus has overnight been reduced from influential media personality to blathering untouchable victim.


Once again Hillary has shown that anyone in the media who tangles with her will be destroyed- offering the highest profile media victim to date as an example to everyone in the media, who might consider exposing or commenting on her pervasive corruption, that they will be completely vanquished and destroyed.


It should be crystal clear that what is happening to Don Imus today is illustrative of what will happen to anyone who dares criticize or expose Hillary Clinton for the unprincipled and amoral megalomaniac that she is, especially after she usurps the absolute power of a Hillary Clinton White House should the American people’s indifference enable her to do so.