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How Hillary’s Hollywood Honchos Hinder Her White House Dreams

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Yet another Hollywood studio mogul, who had been one of Hillary and Bill’s largest Hollywood donors, has gone public with his contempt for the Clintons as unprincipled liars. It seems that disenchantment with Hillary Clinton by Hollywood “moguls” has become a trend. In fact, the only high profile multimillion dollar Hillary donors who have publicly renounced Empress Hillary by attacking her ethics and fitness for the Presidency, have been Hollywood “moguls”.

The big news this week is that Dreamworks SKG “mogul” David Geffen used the “A” List Gala Hollywood Fundraiser he, Spielberg and Katzenberg produced for Barak Obama as a rostrum to declare that Empress Hillary wore no ethical clothes and was cloaked in a perpetual haze of lies.

This was the second momentous disavowal of Hillary as an unscrupulous cheat and liar after the underwriter/donor/producer of the largest “A” List Hollywood fundraiser ever produced for a national candidate- benefitting Hillary’s 2000 Senate race-laid out the case of Hillarys frauds and crimes in an exclusive ABC 20/20 interview with Brian Ross in July, 2001.

Hillary’s first media described “mogul” critic, Peter Paul, partner of Spider Man creator Stan Lee in Hollywood’s largest internet animation studio, Stan Lee Media, came out in the summer of 2001 with a publicity campaign around the lies Hillary told the Washington Post, the FEC and the frauds she perpetrated with Bill to destroy his public company, Stan Lee Media.

It was Peter Paul’s landmark civil fraud complaint against the Clintons and Grammys producer Gary Smith, that detailed all the frauds and criminal misconduct directed by Hillary that resulted in a “red herring” trial of Hillary’s finance director, David Rosen, in 2005, for filing false FEC reports.

It was Peter Paul’s complaint with the Federal Election Commission in July, 2001, that resulted five years later in Hillary’s campaign treasurer’s admission that they broke federal campaign laws. and that Treasurer Andrew Grossman admitted culpability for the crimes tried against his subordinate Rosen five months earlier.

Grossman admitted he filed three false FEC returns that hid more than $800,000 Paul contributed to Hillary’s campaign in underwriting Event 39. He effectively admitted committing perjury about that fact during the Rosen trial. But Clinton acolyte and defender-prosecutor of Clinton aide Sandy Berger- Noel Hillman- refused to apply the same laws that exposed Rosen to 15 years in prison for the crimes Grossman now admitted to.

Ironically the same Hillary spokesman, Howard Wolfson, who lied for Hillary twice in the Washington Post in August, 2000, about Hillary taking any money from Peter Paul (after taking more than $1.2 million and before asking for another $100,000) , and then announcing the return the ” entire $2,000″ contribution discovered by the Post, while declaring Paul gave no money whatsoever to Event 39, that has shown the unique Clintonian hubris of demanding Obama refund the money Geffen raised because he dared to proclaim the Empress had no clothes- that she was a liar and should not be supported for her bid for the White House. The same Hillary group that refuses to this day to refund the $1.2 million plus contributions made by a man Hillary vowed never to take any money from, which violated various campaign finance laws and was illegal on numerous counts, and remains witheld for six years by Hillary.
The hypocrisy and hubris is unfathomably deep with Hillary and her campaign crime posse. The same crew she used in 2000 to trample all laws, propriety and honesty that stood in her way to win her seat in the Senate has been reassembled to win back the White House by hook or by crook.

Once other major Hillary donors who know Hillary for the amoral, megalomaniac she is behind her veil of deception, armed with her weapons of fear, coercion and intimidation, join the Hollywood “moguls” who launched her career in public office and now regret it, maybe the American people will stand a fair chance to avoid the horrors of a Hillary presidency.