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Did Hillary Fix the Rosen Trial to Hide Her Culpability in Campaign Frauds?

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

After six years of sleep-walking through the biggest maze of corruption, obstruction of justice and abuse of power ever witnessed by a jaded government “insider”, the clouds parted and a clap of thunderous realization struck this observers consciousness. What has been glaring on the face of the public record , mirrored in a kaleidoscope of witnesses, investigations and evidence , suddenly revealed itself in a Where is Waldo epiphany.

The Justice Department (DOJ), in tandem with a federal judge appointed by the Clintons and defense counsel directed by Clinton alter egos, used the Clinti-Vellian indictment and prosecution of Hillary’s low level campaign functionary with the high faluting title of “National Finance Director” to “immunize” the Clintons from legal and public accountability for egregious violations of the law orchestrated in plain view of democrat political leaders, A-List Hollywood and the American media.

The Department of Justice Office of Public Integrity prosecutors got away with indicting Hillary Clinton’s finance director, David Rosen, in a sealed indictment in 2003, for hiding from Hillary’s Senate campaign the $1.1 million cost of Hillary’s largest fundraiser (Event 39)? The government charged Rosen with the sole criminal culpability for causing Hillary’s Committee Treasurer to file three false FEC reports between October, 2000 and July, 2001 that hid the origin and expense of more than $700,000 of the cost of Event 39 donated by Peter Paul. Yet all interested political observers of the 2000 campaign were apprised that Hillary and her Senate Campaign Committee knew the very same information the DOJ charged Rosen with hiding from them, and they knew it long before they filed the first “criminal” false FEC report Rosen was indicted for uniquely causing. The world was apprised of Hillary and her committee’s knowledge of David Rosen’s “secret” information regarding the true $1.1 million plus cost of Event 39 when Hillary’s personal and campaign spokesman Howard Wiolfson confirmed to Washington Post gossip columnist Lloyd Grove on August 17, 2000, that:

“As for the rest of the estimated $1 million-plus cost, “it was an in-kind contribution . . . and not a check,” Wolfson said.

No one, including donor Peter Paul, ever publicly challenged the clearly ersatz indictment based on that “quote” because of the success of the Clinton “spokespieces” in diverting attention from the real issues surrounding the FEC frauds directed by Hillary with Bill as her agent.

Somehow the Clintons managed to execute an elaborate charade to hide Hillary and Bill’s illegalities in inducing and coercing Peter Paul to donate more than $1.2 million for Hillary’s Senate campaign, and then misreporting those contributions in false FEC and IRS reports? It involved the apparent complicity of a Los Angeles federal Judge A. Howard Matz they appointed and the Chief of the DOJ Office of Public Integrity (Noel Hillman) who directed his lead prosecutor, Peter Zeidenberg, to act in concert with the Judge to produce the greatest legal rope-a-dope on record? Was the Rosen trial fixed by the Clintons to hide in plain view, and thereby avoid, their own accountability for serial felony violations of federal laws that generated Hillary’s largest contributions of money and endorsements to ensure her victory over Rick Lazio in 2000, and continue the obstruction through false reports in 2006 that assured Hillary’s re-election.

The possibility of a collusion directed by Hillary and/or her agents to cover-up her illegal role in the matter comes strictly from the public record of the facts surrounding the investigation, indictment and prosecution at trial of David Rosen. Judge A.Howard Matz (appointed by co-presidents Bill and Hillary Clinton to the federal bench in 1998) blatantly ignored the Judicial Canons of Ethics, before any evidence was presented or any opening remarks were made, in tainting the jury with false public statements he knew or should have known were false. The fact that Judge Matz’ unethical conduct was not immediately challenged by the prosecutor raises the spector that more than misfeasance or incompetent lawyering may have been afoot.

First of all, Judge Matz began the trial by stating to the media unequivocally that “This isn’t a trial about Senator Clinton.” “Senator Clinton has no stake in this trial as a party or principal.” “She’s not in the loop in any direct way, and that’s something the jury will be told. ” Judge Matz’s statements violated the Judicial Canon of Ethics in making prejudicial public statements relating to a case at bar, and were factually false in that Senator Clinton had a tremendous stake in the trial- as both a party and a principal because of the ramifications of exposing her personal illegal actions, conspiring not only with Rosen, but with President Clinton as well, to illegally solicit and then hide Peter Paul’s contributions- the largest of her campaign.

The video evidence that the US Attorney from NY withheld from the FEC, FBI and Inspector General investigations clearly shows that Hillary was not only personally “in the loop” directly and through her White House employee Kelly Craighead, contrary to the Judge’s assertions, but the video clearly shows Hillary admitting to acting as a talent coordinator for the fundraiser, soliciting illegally excessive in kind contributions of the professional performing services of Cher, which Hillary used to generate more than $1 million in hard money donations to her campaign through “ticket sales” based in larges part on Cher’s performance.

While the government prosecutors ensured that Rosen alone took the heat from their ersatz indictment for victimizing Hillary Clinton’s campaign by hiding the truth about Peter Paul’s donations and expenditures and thereby causing false reports by Hillary’s campaign to the FEC, Judge Matz ensured Rosen would never be convicted “beyond a reasonable doubt” by the jury because of the Judge’s own declarations to the jury. Immediately after telling the Jury that Hillary was not involved in any way in the matter, the Judge proceeded to declare publicly and to the jury that Peter Paul was “a thoroughly discredited, corrupt individual. He’s a con artist. The fact that he is, is already established.” The Judge did this knowing that the government’s case was based largely, according to the New York Times, on Paul’s allegations and that Rosen’s defense was that Paul conned him by hiding the true information about his $1.1 million plus contributions from Rosen.

“The federal government’s criminal case is largely built around the claims of Peter Paul. .. who turned on the Clintons after producing a lavish Hollywood fund-raiser for Mrs. Clinton in 2000… the defense is expected to argue that Mr. Rosen had no way of knowing that the figures he reported were wrong because he had relied on information provided by Mr. Paul and others who arranged the event. ” Political Drama Abounds in Trial Involving Mrs. Clinton’s Hollywood Fund-Raiser - by Raymond Hernandez, New York Times, May 9, 2005

Instead of objecting to the Judge’s prejudicial actions on the spot- and calling for the judge to recuse himself or declare a mistrial, the prosecutor proceeded to tell the jury that the Judge was correct in his assertion that Hillary Clinton had no role in the case (even though the Justice Department was withholding video taped evidence to the contrary) and that Hillary was a victim herself, implying that she was victimized not only by the defendant by also by Paul.


The most glaring problem with the case, brought exclusively against Rosen was to divert attention from the role of Hillary and her agents in illegally soliciting and coordinating more than $1.2 million in contributions from Peter Paul, and then lying about it to the voters and the FEC to win two Senate elections. Hillary admitted in a taped conversation with Paul regular briefings were given to her by the designated White House staff liaison with Paul, Kelly Craighead. But most compelling about the government’s contrived and illegal indictment of Rosen for allegedly hiding from Hillary’s campaign the true donation/expenditure of $1.2 million from Paul, was the campaign’s own public statements after the Gala.

Not only did the DOJ prosecutors know from the Washington Post that Hillary and her campaign were officially on record as knowing that Event 39 cost more than three times what they reported to the FEC and IRS from October, 2000 through January, 2006, but they knew from evidence presented and subpoenaed from the donor, Peter Paul, himself, and those who worked for him, that many agents of Hillary were fully aware that the reports made to the FEC hid most of Paul’s $1.2 million plus expenditures.

The career DOJ prosecutor who made opening and closing remarks to the Rosen Jury, Peter Zeidenberg, also performed that function in the false statement trial of Lewis Scooter Libby. Zeidenberg’s statements to the Rosen jury were carefully crafted to assure Rosen’s acquittal for causing the false reports made by Hillary Clinton and her campaign to the FEC about serious violations of the federal election law. Interestingly, Mr Zeidenberg’s statements to the Libby jury were carefully crafted to assure that Libby was convicted of making false statements to the FBI in connection with conduct with the media that was adjudged to be a perfectly legal.Zeidenberg never objected to the Clinton appointed judge unethically destroying all credibility of his principal witness, Peter Paul, to the jury, thereby assuring he could never call Paul to the stand, but he never called for a mistrial because of the judge’s prejudicial statements that effectively proved Rosen’s defense of being conned by Paul was reasonable.

Then, when Mr. Zeidenberg began to explain the case to the jury starting with how the events unfolded, his statements to the jury on the origin of Event 39 conflicted with the testimony of his own witnesses. By misstating that Rosen and Paul alone concocted the fundraiser after Paul went to Rosen to volunteer his funding and production contributions, the prosecutor again immunized Hillary’s liability for a felony violation of the federal election law based on the testimony of Clinton agen Jim Levin and others who recalled that Event 39 was the brainchild of Hillary’s agents Craighead and Levin in Chicago on June 23, 2000, after a Hillary attended fundraiser. than Hillary’s agents Kelly Craigehad and Jim Levine who then solicited Paul to produce and pay for it. The prosecutor’s actions all seemed surgical in their efforts to excise Hillary and Bill Clinton’s illegalities from being revealed while laying the blame on a functionary who could never be convicted.

With the recent release in April, 2007 by the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY of a smoking gun video of an illegal fundraising phone call from Hillary Clinton to Peter Paul in July, 2000 (a tape that was withheld from the DOJ, the FEC and the Rosen Grand Jury investigations into Hillary’s largest fund raising event) , Peter Paul’s attorneys are preparing a request to the new Attorney General to open a new investigation of the role Hillary, and the US Attorney she supervises as Senator from NY,played in obstructing all investigations that improperly exonerated Hillary Clinton for lack of any evidence linking her personally to the matter.

The Jury was first deceived by the Judge when he stated Mrs. Clinton played no role in the Gala, which was at the heart of the case against Rosen. This judicial deception supported the government’s first objective, to deflect Hillary’s accountability by blaming her underling for hiding information he exclusively had from Hillary and her campaign about Paul’s contributions.

Then Judge Matz ensured that after Rosen took the heat during the trial for unilaterally victimizing Hillary Clinton in hiding the truth about the false information reported by her campaign to the FEC about Paul, Rosen would never be convicted “beyond a reasonable doubt” by the jury by virtue of the Judge’s own declarations to the jury. After telling the Jury, before any evidence was presented, that Hillary was not involved in any way in the matter, the Judge proceeded to declare publicly to them that Peter Paul was “a thoroughly discredited, corrupt individual. He’s a con artist. The fact that he is, is already established.” The Judge did this knowing that Paul was a principal witness against Rosen, and that Rosen’s defense was based on discrediting Paul.

Since Rosen’s entire defense was based on the argument that Rosen was a dupe and victim of Mr Paul, who hid all information on what he was spending for Mrs Clinton, when the judge began the trial with the unprecedented and highly prejudicial statement about Paul being a con man, he effectively told the Jury that the Defense’s case was credible and therefore as a matter of law they could never legally conclude there was not reasonable doubt to allow them to find David Rosen guilty!

Normally, a judge’s actions that violate the integrity of a prosecution in this overt and unmitigated way would be challenged by the prosecutor- because the judge has rendered the entire trial moot before it began. But here the Prosecutor himself joined in assuring the jury that Hillary was in fact a victim in the case, and there would be no evidence of her involvement in any way. Rather than stopping the sham proceeding from being conducted by a judge who violated his oath of office to conduct trials fairly and objectively, the prosecutor proceeded to carefully lay out evidence that would protect Hillary so that she could point to her personal exoneration in the trial as definitive evidence of her lack of any culpability for the largest campaign finance fraud on record and thereby avoid accountability in the FEC and Senate Ethics Committee investigations launched by Peter Paul’s allegations.

Its all in the public record - all the public needs to do is read it and weep- that Hillary Clinton’s power to subvert our constitutional processes has become so great, she can preempt every branch of government’s ability to hold her accountable to the Rule of Law in plain view for all to see and fear.

The Black Hand of Hillary Clinton Hangs Don Imus

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

Speaking truth to power through humor has fueled Don Imus’ broadcasting career for three decades. His audience has been built on unbridled political commentary and the humor that comes from political incorrectness, the political and social “polish jokes” of the evolving pop culture.

In the past, when he tore the envelope of acceptable “racial and religious” humor in a particularly brutal way, he was chastised and allowed to continue unabated broadcasting his stream of consciousness iconoclastic view of the world after a simple apology.


But Imus was ill prepared for the iron fist of Hillary Clinton that struck a knock out blow to his future as a media personality this week. His humorously pathetic efforts to emulate a Hip Hop “artist” in his choice of phraseology about a black girl’s basketball team provided the fuel that Hillary’s media goon squad could use to finally burn Imus at the stake in the name of racial respect. Hillary was poised to pounce on Imus’ mainstay of racially lame humor when it was politically convenient for her to do so.


On April 5, Imus gave Hillary’s race baiters the necessary race card to remove the only media gadfly that dared to call a spade a spade when it came to Hillary Clinton’s malevolent and above the law political career and ambitions.


The timing of the Hillary directed racial call to arms to lynch Imus is painfully obvious. As Hillary’s presidential ambitions are threatened by an increasingly popular black political opponent, and as New York based Imus has become the lone media voice in the wilderness that doggedly exposes the would be Empress of the World’s lack of any socially redeeming “political clothes”, the Senator that Imus refers to as “Satan” has demonstrated what happens to any opponent that underestimates her diabolical power.


The moment that Donald Trump’s on air plea to Imus to allow Hillary to come on Imus’ show and be interviewed was rejected soundly with Imus’ retort that Hillary was Satan incarnate and could never be on his show, Imus sealed his fate. Almost instantaneously, the “nappy headed ho” quote was recalled from the previous day by the always indignant defender of all things Black, Reverend Al, who came forward to incite the willing media hordes and set the bonfire that guaranteed Imus’ immolation.



With the Clintonian irony that is a trademark of the hypocrisy that the Clintons wield as a sword, Senator “F*****g Jew Bastard” (below) Clinton directed Reverend “Tawana Brawley” Sharpton (below) and Reverend “Hymie from Hymietown” Jackson, to go forth before her hordes of media sycophants and rise up in all of their rhetorical indignation to lead the mob of Hillary supporters, apologists and media toadies in a chorus demanding Imus’ immediate removal from the public air waves.


Imus is now feeling the notorious wrath of the most vindictive and meanspirited political figure since Richard Nixon, as he comes face to face with the unprecedented power of Senator and would be first American Empress, Hillary Clinton. Imus has overnight been reduced from influential media personality to blathering untouchable victim.


Once again Hillary has shown that anyone in the media who tangles with her will be destroyed- offering the highest profile media victim to date as an example to everyone in the media, who might consider exposing or commenting on her pervasive corruption, that they will be completely vanquished and destroyed.


It should be crystal clear that what is happening to Don Imus today is illustrative of what will happen to anyone who dares criticize or expose Hillary Clinton for the unprincipled and amoral megalomaniac that she is, especially after she usurps the absolute power of a Hillary Clinton White House should the American people’s indifference enable her to do so.