About Peter

Peter Franklin Paul is the Hollywood entrepreneur and former international lawyer who co-founded Stan Lee Media with Spider Man creator Stan Lee and is the plaintiff in the landmark civil fraud suit against Bill and Hillary Clinton exposing the Clinton Culture of Corruption hidden by the government and the media.

His efforts during 2000 to hire Bill Clinton, after he left the White House in 2001, resulted in his being asked by Bill Clinton to underwrite and executive produce The Hollywood Gala Tribute Concert and Salute to President Clinton in August, 2000.

At Hillary Clinton’s personal insistence, Paul agreed to hire Clinton friend and Grammys producer Gary Smith to produce what became the largest private concert ever produced and unseen by the public. The Gala was also the largest fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Hillary Clinton’s efforts to hide her role with then President Bill Clinton in illegally soliciting and coordinating Paul’s $1.6 million plus expenditure-donation to her campaign resulted in the sham criminal prosecution by the DOJ Office of Public Integrity of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen intended to exculpate Hillary.

Rosen was prosecuted for hiding from Hillary and her Senate campaign the $1.2 million paid by Paul to produce the Gala, causing Hillary’s campaign to file three false FEC reports beginning in October, 2000. Yet Hillary Clinton told the Washington Post through her spokesman Howard Wolfson in August, 2000 that the Gala cost more than $1 million and was an “in kind” contribution. Not only was Hillary and her spokesman not called as a witness to explain how they knew what Rosen was charged with hiding from them, but the Judge and Prosecutor both told the jury that Hillary had no knowledge of anything about the case! Hillary’s taped involvement in producing the event was hidden by the government for two years after the Judge and Prosecutor made those remarks.

The charges of hiding Peter Paul’s expenditures from the FEC resulted in a secret settlement by her campaign treasurer with the FEC that forced an admission of filing false reports that hid more than $721,000 contributed by Paul.

Hillary’s direction of the obstruction of the Department of Justice, Federal Election Commission, Office of Inspector General, Rosen Grand Jury and Senate Ethics Committee Investigations of her role in the matter resulted in numerous serious, ONGOING felony violations of federal law that have never been reported or prosecuted.

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