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Hillary! Uncensored: The Continuing CoverUp To Be Released For Senate Confirmation Hearings

Sunday, December 28th, 2008


Hillary Uncensored- The Coverup Continues

The 2007 Google internet video that went viral with more than 10 million views, catapulting Hillary Clinton’s first documentary, Hillary Uncensored,  to Google’s number #1 viewed video in the world in November, 2007, will be released in an updated DVD in time for Hillary Clinton’s Senate confirmation hearings for Secretary pf State in 2009.

The Continuing CoverUp version of the documentary that ended Hillary Clinton’s 2008 quest for the White House will update the film with additional evidence of how the FEC and Justice Department continue to cover-up the illegalities that Hillary Clinton directed and have been confirmed on the public record in court pleadings and testimony.

Contrary to the Clinton spin machine’s efforts to make it appear as though this is a seven year old matter in which Hillary has been exculpated- there remains a false FEC report filed by Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in January, 2006. That report states that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid more than $700,000 to companies owned by Peter Paul  and contradicts the testimony of Justice Department Prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg (of Scooter Libby prosecution fame) regarding Paul’s personal contribution of more than $1.2 million made at Hillary’s request and direction.

This false report confirms that three prior FEC reports were also false, resulting in a fine imposed on Hillary;s campaign by the FEC, yet it has never been addressed by any mainstream media, enforcement agencies or public interest groups.

Hillary and Bill’s masterful use of public inquiries that have been controlled or out maneuvered by Clinton lawyers and spinmeisters is showcased by the success the Clintons have had in obstructing a federal criminal trial of Hillary’s finance director in 2005, a Senatye Ethics Investigation in 2006, and two FEC complaints in 2001 and 2007.

Wash Post Misses Clinton’s Biggest Donor Again- Canadian Uranium Tsar

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Once again the Washington Post seems to have missed the “vette” while reporting on vetting the Clintons.  The Post’s coverage today on vetting donors to Clinton’s Library Foundation is not unlike the Post Sunday Magazine 8,000 word cover story, in October, 2005, “House of Cards” by April Witt which un-reported on the Galagate scandal surrounding Peter Paul’s illegally solicited and unreported $1.2 million plus contribution to Hillary’s Senate campaign is now matched by its story today vetting Bill Clinton’s Foundation donors.

In both stories the Post managed to miss reporting on the substantive issues surrounding the largest donors to the Clinton political and charitable “causes”. Most compelling is the pattern of Clintonian conduct in denying that their largest donors made any contribution whatsoever.

Clinton initially denied that Frank Giustra became his largest donor, of more than $31 million, after a lucrative trade trip Clinton took with the Canadian financier that interfered with US policy and business interests in Kazahkstan. Then after intense media pressure, Clinton admitted that Giustra gave the donation through his personal foundation.

Similarly, the Clintons have denied that Peter Paul became hillary’s largest 2000 Senate campaign donor after Billand Hillary illegally solicited and then failed to report more than $1.2 million Paul personally expended at Hillary’s direction. Because there waas no media scrutiny forcing Hillary to admit whta a federal prosecutor and FBI agent testified to, Hillary has been able to continue to file false FEC reports that hide Paul’s identity from the FEC.

The Post’s story Saudis, Indians Among Clinton Foundation Donors today reports on the largest 2 donors to Bill Clinton’s Foundation (below) without any reference whatsoever to the $31 million donated by Giustra and the $100+ million pledged by him to the Foundation!

The biggest donations _ more than $25 million each _ came from two donors. They are the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, a London-based philanthropic organization founded by hedge fund manager Chris Hohn and his wife Jamie Cooper-Hohn and dedicated to helping children, primarily in Africa and India; and UNITAID, an international drug purchase organization formed by Brazil, France, Chile, Norway and Britain to help provide care for HIV-AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis patients in countries with high disease rates.