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A New Attorney General To Protect The New Clinton Illegalities ?

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

The appointment of Hillary Clinton to the position of Secretary of State (third in line to the succession of the Presidency) and Clinton facilitator Eric Holder to the position of Attorney General is guaranteed to usher in a new Clinton era of lawlessness. The former Deputy Attorney General who facilitated Marc Rich’s minions in directly negotiating the purchase from the President of the United States of two pardons- for a secret remuneration exceeding $100 million- is posied to become the new Attorney General of the United States.

The man who secretly engineered the pardons of two billionaire stock manipulators, dealers in arms with Iran and other US enemies, and perpetrators of numerous other illegal acts prejudicial to the United States, will now be protecting and defending the Constitution and the laws of the United States from the unbridled corruption and avarice of former President Bill Clinton and his accomplice and enabler, the new Secretary of State.

Wake up fellow Americans, Google the history of the Clintons and Mr Holder, and take action to stop the ultimate empowerment of a new Clinton cabal operating from the White House under the protection of the Attorney general and a naive or unwitting President Obama.

Missing the Clinton “Vetting”- AGAIN! Clinton Fraud Suit Hearing Ignored

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The case of Paul v William J Clinton, Hillary R Clinton et al pending in Los Angeles Superior Court before Judge Aurelio Munoz since October, 2003, will have a make-or-break hearing tomorrow.

The landmark civil fraud case against a President and Senator for conspiring to defraud an erstwhile business associate and destroy a public company in order to obtain more than $1.6 million in illegal campaign contributions reaches a new crescendo in court tomorrow.

Clinton impeachment lawyer David Kendall appears for the tenth time to use his lefgendary trial tactics to obstruct the rights of the plaintiff, Peter Paul,  and hide the truth about the frauds committed by his clients, the Clinton Gang.

More teflon than all the Mafia Dons in American history, the Clintons have managed to avoid any juridical accountability for the serial lawlessness and corruption they have engaged in with impunity, in plain view, during their charmed thirty eight years of ripping off the voters and supporters they bamboozled from Little Rock to Washington to New York.

Now that Mr Obama is trying to “triangulate” the original triangulators, in a naive effort to contain them under his administration’s direction, Mr Obama’s transition team will have to miss the vett once again regarding what the Clintons did did to win Hillary’s Senate seat in 2000 through massive camnpaign finance fraud, and the outrageous obstructions of Justice theydirected ever since to avoid their legal accountability.

The fact that a civil fraud suit against the Clintons by their largest 2000 donor has survived in court since 2003, in spite of every trick in Mr Kendall’s legendary play book, will continue to be hidden by the collusive media and missed in the latest Clinton “vetting” process.

A review of what should be vetted may be found at the Hillary Clinton Accountability web site,