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Stan Lee Sues Peter Paul For Blogging Libel in $100k Illegal Donation to Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Stan lee, hillary and Bill Clinton and Peter Paul

Spider Man creator Stan Lee, former partner of Hollywood entrepreneur Peter F. Paul who was the controversial largest donor to Hillary Clinton’s first Senate campaign, has sued Paul for libel in a defamation action in federal court in Los Angeles.

Lee claims Paul libeled him by posting a blog comment on the internet, using the name “Pedro”, which detailed Lee’s admissions of illegalities in trading contribution checks of $100,000 for Hillary’s Senate campaign with Paul.

In an extraordinary court claim that calls attention to Stan Lee’s video taped admission that Lee exchanged checks with Paul so that Hillary Clinton could claim that Lee donated money that really came from Paul, (a felony under the federal election laws) Lee’s legal claims against Paul act as an indictment of Lee’s illegal conduct. lee also draws attention to Hillary Clinton’s illegal conduct in making and the failing to correct false statements to the Washington Post before her first election to the Senate and then to the FEC in 2006 in false FEC reports attributing a donation of $225,000 to Lee that Lee denies making.