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Hillary’s Oval Office Dreams “Truth Boated” By Paul v Clinton?

Friday, June 13th, 2008


Hillary Ends Presidential Campaign And Endorses Obama June 5, 2008

On June 12, 2001 Peter Paul filed a landmark civil fraud suit against Hillary and Bill Clinton and related parties, Paul v Clinton et al in Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit was filed by Peter Paul, the Hollywood entrepreneur that Bill Clinton enlisted to become Hillary’s largest 2000 donor. It was the cornerstone of an all out campaign entitled the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project to use every remedy available to a US citizen to expose the public corruption and obstructions of the rule of law directed by Hillary R Clinton with President Clinton and Democratic National Chairman Governor Ed Rendell.

Paul v Clinton culminated in the release in January, 2008 of Hillary! Uncensored, the first ever documentary about Hillary Clinton which included exclusive home videos capturing Hillary Clinton engaged in felony violations of federal campaign laws. Hillary! Uncensored became an internet phenomenon when a 13 minute segment titled “The Shocking Video Hillary Doesnt Want You To See” was leaked over the internet on Google and You Tube resulting in more than 8.2 million views from October, 2007- May, 2008- coinciding with Hillary’s drop in the polls and loss to Obama.

After personally witnessing, recording and documenting the misconduct and corruption of the Clintons, Paul embarked on a personal campaign to expose the frauds and illegalities directed by Hillary and Bill Clinton to win a Senate seat that would enable the Clinton Family to continue to abuse high public positions as Ex-President and US Senator to enrich themselves, advance their personal quests for power and ensure their ability to corrupt and manipulate any effort to hold them accountable for past, ongoing and future illegalities.

Paul’s wealth had been destroyed by the Clintons and those acting on their behalf, and he relied exclusively on the support of tens of thousands of concerned Americans who believed in Paul’s personal quest and supported it with millions of dollars in donations to non profits acting on Paul’s behalf.

Paul’s pending civil fraud suit, filed in June, 2001, and refiled in 2003 continues to be obstructed by abuses of legal principles and strategies that were perfected during the Clintons’ eight year tenure in the White House when they dealt with multiple Grand Juries and an Impeachment. But the case continues after the Supreme Court of California refused to dismiss it, and in spite of Court of Appeals actions intended to cripple it.

Paul’s complaints to the Federal Election Commission resulted in an admission by Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign that more than $700,000 of contributions from Paul were hidden and omitted from three false FEC reports resulting in the only fine imposed on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Paul’s proffers to and cooperation with the Attorney General (Ashcroft) the Asst Atty General, Chertoff and the Chief of Public Integrity resulted in the indictment and trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen for 3 counts of causing false FEC reports to be filed that hid more than $800,000 in Paul’s contributions.

The first ever documentary produced about Hillary’s political career that used exclusive home videos of the Clintons, taken by Paul with the Clintons’ permission, became a viral internet phenomeneon that caused Google to change its ranking and reporting procedures to protect Hillary from the internet totally overwhelming her campaign.

The story of the impact of seven years of publicizing and educating the voters through Paul v Clinton about the contempt for the voters and the Rule of Law displayed y Hillary Clinton in dealing with her top donor in her first election campaign has yet to be written- or even acknowledged- but the truth is out there on the internet if the interest is there to learn the most significant reason why the inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s juggernaut to regain the White House was derailed.







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