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Hillary’s Felony “Misspeaking” Hidden by the Media

Friday, March 28th, 2008

While the media is making much of Hillary’s misspeaking about her experience in Bosnia, they have entirely ignored her felonious misspeaking about who her largest donor was in 2000! That misspeaking, in the Washington Post and to the FEC was a felony according to DOJ Prosecutor Dan Schwaber who said in May, 2005 at the trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen, (Pages 52,55, linked transcript) that it was a crime “to deny the public’s right to know that Peter Paul personally gave more than $1.2 million to Hillary’s national campaign”. Yet Hillary has personally denied that right since August 2000 through personal statements published in the Washington Post and official statements under oath in Paul v Clinton and to investigators with the DOJ and FEC.

The Government and the Media are either afraid, incompetent or complicit in refusing to enforce any of the laws violated by Hillary and Bill Clinton in connection with her “misspeaking” about taking money from her top donor and the quid pro quo that Bill Clinton fraudulently used to obtain that contribution.

The documentary Hillary! Uncensored uses exclusive home videos of Hillary captured in illegalities to corroborate the public record of the biggest cover up since Watergate.

This is not a question of Hillary “bashing” or any conspiracy to attack Hillary Clinton- its a question of serial misspeaking by Hillary Clinton in order to accomplish her life’s ambition by hook or by crook. Its about the Rule of Law and the equal protection under the law.

Clinton Cabal of Political Corruption Being Exposed By Citizens Behind Paul v Clinton Civil Fraud Suit

Friday, March 28th, 2008

As Hillary Clinton’s belief in the inevitability of her 2008 ascension to the Oval Office is being shattered by the voters, the landmark civil fraud suit against Bill Clinton, with Hillary as a material witness, is proceeding to discovery and trial in California this Spring.

Citizens are emboldened by the popular rejection of Hillary’s bid to be the first woman president to support the five year civil fraud suit against her and Bill. The mountain of evidence that has been presented in the pretrial pleadings for defrauding the dot com millionaire Bill convinced to become Hillary’s largest (and secret) donor to Hillary’s Senate campaign.

The collusion of the media, the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission in protecting Hillary and Bill Clinton from any accountability whatsoever for felony violations of the Federal Election Law (illegally soliciting and coordinating more than $1.2 million to Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign) and of the Obstruction of Justice laws, including Title 18 Sec 1001, making false statements to government agencies, provides a public record of a cover up by the media and the government that is greater than Watergate in its scope.

More than 200,000 citizens have provided financial support since 2001 for the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project and the documentary that chronicles this cover up Hillary! Uncensored (which became an internet viral phenomenon when more than 6 million people viewed it from October 2007- February, 2008).

Now that the civil trial of Paul v Clinton is proceeding in California, discovery will commence inMay with a trial date expected by December. The Clinton Cabal of Corruption that has a stranglehold on the DNC will be exposed once and for all.