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New FEC Complaint Details Gov Rendell Complicity in FEC Reporting Frauds By The DNC and Hillary’s Senate Campaign

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Then DNC Chair Ed Rendell With Hollywood Donor Peter Paul & Wife At Al Gore Fundraising Gala June 8, 2000- Paul’s Expenditures of $100,000 Never Reported to FEC

Renewed allegations of major campaign finance fraud directed by former DNC Chairman, now PA Governor, Ed Rendell to benefit the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign were detailed in a second FEC complaint filed by DNC and Hillary mega donor Peter Paul the first of the year.

Gov. Rendell denied to the FEC any involvement with Paul after Paul originally filed an FEC complaint in July, 2001 against the Clintons and Hillary’s Senate campaign for failure to report Paul’s personal expenditures exceeding $1.2 million, made at the direct and illegal request of Bill and Hillary Clinton to assure Hillary’s election to the Senate.

After a four year investigation of Paul’s charges, the DOJ indicted and tried Hillary’s finance director, David Rosen, in May, 2005 for hiding Paul’s more than $1.2 million in expenditures from being reported in three false FEC reports filed by Hillary’s campaign, and the FEC forced Hillary’s Senate campaign treasurer Andrew Grossman to take responsibility for knowingly filing the false reports hiding more than $700,000 of Paul’s cash in kind contributions.

Mysteriously, the FEC allowed Hillary and her campaign to enter into a secret settlement of the charges that they knowingly violated the law by making false reports, obtaining immunity from further investigation if they paid a fine of $35,000 and filed a 4th corrected FEC report. When that 4th report was filed on January 30, 2006, it omitted entirely any reference to Paul’s contributions and made it appear as though Paul’s companies were paid $839,000 - while hiding a $75,000 payment to Clinton friend Grammy’s producer Gary Smith.

Because of the frauds involved in the latest FEC filings by Hillary and her campaign, and the use of those new frauds as the basis to end further investigation into the multiple illegalities associated with Hillary and Bill’s efforts to induce and coerce more than $1.6 million in contributions from Paul, Paul has filed a new FEC complaint which demands that the FEC settlement with Hillary and her Campaign be set aside because of the frauds that it was based on, and a renewed investigation be made using new video evidence of Hillary breaking the law released by the US Attorney in NY in April, 2007 - after withholding the direct link between Hillary and Paul’s expenditures from all the previous investigations!

Gov Rendell was the DNC official who directed Paul’s efforts to induce Bill Clinton to work with Paul after he left the White House by advising and negotiating with Paul to become a major donor to the DNC for Al Gore’s campaign, and to become Hillary’s largest donor. When the Washington Post asked Hillary Clinton about her relationship with Paul Rendell cautioned Paul to keep quiet about it and deceive the Post reporter by not contradicting Hillary’s false statements through her spokesman Howard Wolfson, that Paul gave no money to her campaign.

Rendell never caused Paul’s expenditures of more than $100,000 to produce Al Gore’s Hollywood fundraiser for 150 on June 8, 2000 to be reported by the DNC to the FEC, nor the pledge of securities Rendell pried out of Paul of $150,000 to be made to the DNC for Gore in September, 2000, as required by law.

Rendell was intimately involved with all of Paul’s “giving” to the DNC and Hillary’s campaign yet denied any involvement when queried by the FEC General Counsel in September, 2001- violating Title 18 SEc 1001, making or causing false statements to be made to government agencies.

When the FEC reviews the evidence that demands they set aside their settlement agreement with Hillary and her campaign, they should decide to include Ed Rendell as a target for prosecution for a variety of illegalities as Chairman of the DNC in dealing with Paul.


Shame on You Hillary- The Campaign Flyer That Hillary Doesnt Want Anyone to See

Monday, February 25th, 2008





Hillary’s Hypocritical Rant Against Obama’s Brochures Was Met With This Flyer Addressed to Hillary
Shame on You Hillary!


Your Deceptions Were Described By DOJ Prosecutors as Felonies!

You were describing your own conduct when you shrieked at Barak Obama’s campaign mailings, “You have been spreading false, misleading, discredited information”.

You began to spread false, misleading and illegal information in 2000 about your top Senate campaign donor and “friend” Peter Paul when you TWICE lied in the Washington Post about taking any money from Paul AFTER you and Bill took more than $1.2 million from him (according to the FBI and DOJ Prosecutor).


Days later, after vowing not to take money from Paul, you faxed him on your Senate Campaign letterhead demanding he contribute an additional $100,000 in untraceable securities by illegally wiring them to a state committee supporting your candidacy, the Working Family Party.

You were right when you stated “The American people got shafted and (you’re) going to have to make up for it.”

You subverted three federal investigations to avoid accountability for felony violations of the federal election laws and used your finance director as a foil to avoid prosecution for the offenses he was improperly charged with.

DOJ Prosecutor Dan Schwager told the criminal jury in the election law fraud trial of your finance director David Rosen, in May 2005, that the basis of the government’s prosecution was the serious crime of “denying the public’s right to know that Peter Paul personally gave…more than $1.2 your national campaign.”

You and your agents have denied the public the right to know that fact from August 2000 until today!

You used deception about that fact to win your election and re-election in 2006. You have denied the public’s right to know who your largest donor was, how much he gave you and why.

The facts on the public record show that you have subverted: the Office of The President, through Bill Clinton, by using the Oval Office to commit felony violations of the campaign laws, the Department of Justice Office of Public Integrity through its Chief, Noel Hillman who set up a sham indictment and a show trial intended to cover up your illegalities, the federal judiciary through Howard Matz, the judge you appointed with Bill Clinton as co-president, who threw the Rosen trial with outrageous statements to the jury denying your involvement and the FEC itself through a fraudulent settlement that was based on a fourth false FEC report that gave you immunity from investigation!.

Its time to tell the truth at long last- File a True FEC Report That Finally Admits What the DOJ and FBI Have Sworn- You Took More than $1.2 Million in Contributions From Peter Paul and Have Hidden it From The Public ever Since!