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Bush-Plame Cover-Up vs Hillary Clinton-Peter Paul Cover-Up- Which is Worse?

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

1 Hour Documentary on Hillary Clinton Released on Pay Per View

The revelations of former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan that his former boss and the top members of his administration conspired to cover-up their outing of CIA operative Valerie Plame to the media has resonated with the mainstream media pundits. They used this confession of a White House insider to focus on the moral bankruptcy of the Bush administration and the President himself.

Yet revelations by a Clinton insider that the public record and court transcripts present a compelling case that Hillary and Bill Clinton corrupted the Chief of the Department of Justice’s Public Integrity division, Noel Hillman, and the federal judge, A.H. Matz, they appointed in Los Angeles, to protect themselves from prosecution for a massive illegal campaign contribution the Clintons solicited, coordinated and finally coerced from Peter Paul.

Judge Matz presided over the “show” trial of Hillary fundraising director David Rosen (who was indicted by Mr. Hillman’s staff at DOJ for causing Hillary’s campaign to file false FEC reports by hiding the cost of a gala that Howard Wolfson told the Washington Post Hillary and her campaign clearly knew months before filing any of the false reports). Matz made unprecedented prejudicial remarks to the jury before the trial began that made it impossible for them to ever find beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant was guilty! The judge also made what turned out to be false statements to the jury about Hillary Clinton’s personal involvement in the case (as confirmed by videotapes that were held by the government until two years after the Rosen trial.

The Department of Justice and FBI’s sworn evidence in the criminal election law fraud trial of David Rosen in 2005 established that Peter Paul personally contributed more than $1.2 million dollars to Hillary’s campaign and that Hillary Clinton’s false statements to the media and federal investigations denying that fact enabled her to win two elections to the US Senate and avoid prosecution.

The cover-up- that was enabled by the FEC when they entered into a settlement with Hillary’s campaign in January, 2006- joined the FEC in hiding the basic information of who Hillary’s largest donor was and how much he gave to her campaign- a crime that the Department of Justice believed should have landed David Rosen in jail for 15 years!

Hillary!Uncensored - Banned By Bill Clinton - Now On Pay Per View and DVD

Thursday, November 15th, 2007


The documentary film about Hillary Clinton that made internet history when its 13 minute unedited trailer was leaked to the public on October 7, 2007, is now available in its 1 hour final cut version- both on DVD and on the download site, so that the three million viewers of the unofficial trailer- and the rest of the world- will be able to judge for themselves the character of Hillary Clinton based on first hand experience with Hillary’s efforts to win her Senate election by hook and by crook.

Just don’t ask Bill Clinton about it during any of his meetings with the public. The last poor soul who deigned to ask the perjurious President about Clinton’s civil fraud case brought against him by Peter Paul in Los Angeles was immediately escorted out of the room- with no response at all.

When the venerable AP originally called Sen Clinton’s Senate office for a comment on the case the day it was filed in October, 2003, the “New York Senator Refuses to Answer for her Role in Illegal FundraiserThe media turned up the heat on Hillary Clinton regarding her involvement with Peter Paul. In the wake of his filing of a new lawsuit, the Associated Press repeatedly sought the New York Senator for her comments, receiving nothing but a cold shoulder in return. Clinton’s Senate staff did not respond to the Associated Press’ repeated requests for comment over two days,” AP reporter Don Thompson wrote on October 23.

In The Documentary expose’ Hillary Clinton is captured in home videos of her unguarded conversations with her largest donor, Peter F. Paul, and in candid photos, letters, documents and court filings from Paul v Clinton et al and the criminal trial of Hillary’s finance director David Rosen, in 2005.

The direct evidence presented in the film of Clinton illegalities - ascertainable on the public record yet hidden by the media- points to an unprecedented corruption of the executive, judicial and legislative branch’s efforts to hold the Clintons accountable for the multiple campaign finance frauds they employed to win election and then re-election to the US Senate. This is detailed in the film by former Kennedy Administration Justice Department prosecutor, life long democrat and House Impeachment Manager for the Clinton Impeachment, David Schippers.

This film is being prepared for use by a cadre of concerned college student activists being galvanized by Texas radio talk show host Ben Barrack to present the facts exposed in the documentary to civic audiences throughout the nation.

Various efforts have been made to silence the first ever documentary to be released on Hillary Clinton- from legal pressure on a 501(c)3 foundation and its president who was offering the DVD for sale (all sales were cancelled and then refused after a call from a Clinton representative threatening various reprisals) , Radio Talk Show host Mancow Mueller in Chicago received a phone call he took seriously which threatened his family’s lives for having Peter Paul on his show to explain the case behind Hillary!Uncensored and his home videos. Mancow was instructed not to cover the case any further or else!

But the case is proceeding. After the appeal to the California Supreme Court of the misapplication of California’s Anti-SLAPP law to protect Hillary from being a defendant with her husband in the case, the case will begin discovery and proceed to trial in 2008.