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Hillary Is A Felon: Just Released Tape Proves Crimes

Friday, June 15th, 2007


In preparation for submitting the just released video of Hillary Clinton engaged in various felonies, to the California Appellate Court reviewing Hillary’s protection by California’s Anti-SLAPP law in Paul v Clinton et al., election law expert and US Supreme Court/Constitutional Lawyer John Armor determined on June 14, 2007, after analyzing the video of Hillary Clinton on a conference call with Peter Paul, Stan Lee, et al, that the video captures Hillary engaged in a series of felony violations of the law.

The five minute video, which will be released to the public when the Appellate Reply Brief is filed in Paul v. Hillary Clinton et al., has been reviewed and analyzed by a series of election law experts, with John Armor being selected to publicly explain his analysis of the first ever video to capture a presidential candidate committing felonies.

Libby says: What About Hillary’s Obstruction of Three Federal Investigations?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Today the American justice system was turned on its head. A zealous prosecutor and a sanctimonious federal judge sentenced Scooter Libby, former chief of staff to the Vice President of the US, to thirty months in prison for lying to federal officials about what he legally said to journalists about an outed CIA agent.

With all of the power of the federal judiciary behind him, Libby’s judge proclaimed the legal imperative that public officials have a special duty to fully and forthrightly cooperate with all federal investigations, and that their legal duty, shared by all citizens, requires them to assist all government investigations. The sanctity of the investigatory process itself must be protected, regardless of what the subject of the investigation concerns.

Yet when it comes to the Junior Senator from New York, who is the leading democratic candidate for President of the US, a very different standard is applied not only by the federal judiciary, but also by the Justice Department and Congressional committees and commissions conducting their own investigative activities.

Notwithstanding more than six years of consistent allegations made by Hillary’s largest donor that Hillary broke campaign laws and then obstructed all investigations into her illegalities - causing the unnecessary indictment and trial of her campaign functionary, David Rosen for supposedly hiding information from Hillary that she in fact had full knowledge of- Hillary has never been accountable.

Even with the April 12, 2007 release of a smoking gun video tape capturing Hillary in the act of committing two felony violations of the election law, no prosecutor will deign to seriously investigate, let alone indict her, for her years of obstructions and false statements so that a federal judge might have the opportunity to apply the same accountability being meted out to Mr Libby, to Hillary for her multiple felony violations, especially those recorded on video tape.

The media will not even present a question to her about her conduct on this video tape.

If we are truly a Nation of Laws, with the Equal Protection of the Laws applied to all citizens, then there should be a hue and cry among the citizenry that Hillary be just as accountable as Scooter Libby, though the Clinton’s Heaven May Fall.
Even worse is the Justice Department’s ongoing protection of Hillary Clinton’s six year obstruction of three federal investigations into her illegal fundraising activities in Hollywood in 2000 which caused the unnecessary indictment and trial of her finance director enabled by the six year suppression of video taped evidence [] just released by the US Attorney in NY, capturing Hillary in felony violations of the federal election law which would have vindicated her finance director and resulted in her indictment instead. She has lied about the role she played, as caught on tape, to the voters, the FEC, the DOJ and every related investigation since 2001.