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Hillary Clinton’s Mother of All Cover-Ups Exposed

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


40 Second Trailer of Five Minute Smoking Gun Video Capturing Hillary Clinton Calling Peter Paul and violating the Federal Election Laws- Full Video To Be Released With Documentary in July, 2007

Sen Hillary Clinton and her defenders have spent six and one half years denying that she played any role with Peter Paul in soliciting and coordinating his underwriting of the largest fund raising event of her 2000 campaign, the Hollywood Gala Salute to President Clinton, held in Los Angeles on August 12, 2000, and the election law frauds surrounding it.

On April 12, 2007 all of these denials were finally exposed for the lies and cover-ups they represented with the release by the government to Paul’s lawyers of a video tape made by Paul on July 17, 2000, that captured Sen Clinton in the act of coordinating and co-producing the Gala with Peter Paul. Her campaign finally admitted in an amended 2006 FEC report that Paul was her biggest donor in 2000, paying more than $840,000 to produce Event 39 for Hillary

The five minute video tape of Hillary Clinton’s call to Paul, in the presence of Stan Lee, Aaron Tonken and Rod Stewart’s ex-wife Alana, captures Hillary explaining her day to day involvement in helping Paul produce the $1,000 a ticket concert part of the Gala and $25,000 a couple dinner fund raiser. Hillary also admitted helping solicit the contributions of the professional talents of Cher, convinced at great expense by Paul to provide headliner entertainment in order to generate the hard money contributions Hillary desperately needed for her Senate campaign.

Hillary’s role in collaborating with Paul, captured clearly on the tape, violated key felony statutes of the Federal Election law that prohibited a candidate from knowingly accepting illegal and excessive contributions of more than $25,000 to their federal campaigns. Peter Paul’s expenditures to benefit Hillary’s Senate campaign were illegally excessive and could not be classified as soft money contributions because they were made at the direction of, and in coordination with, Hillary and her campaign and at the request of her agents Bill Clinton and DNC Chairman Ed Rendell.

The Clinton hierarchy of the Democratic Party are all inculpated in a conspiracy to violate various Federal Election laws and laws prohibiting obstructions of federal investigations and false statements to government agencies and officers.

The significance of this five minute “smoking gun” video tape of a phone call by First Lady Hillary to Peter Paul can be better understood with the perspective of Hillary’s subsequent six years of denials of Paul’s contributions to her campaign, of her relationship with Paul, and her obstructions of the three federal investigations and one criminal trial that resulted from her direction of the cover-up of her role with Bill Clinton in dealing with Paul

After Peter Paul began to blow the whistle in March, 2001, to four US prosecutors on Hillary’s role in the false FEC reports filed by her campaign that hid more than $1.2 million in his expenditures, Attorney General Ashcroft, Assistant Attorney General Chertoff and Inspdector General Fine launched a four year investigation leading to the indictment and trial of Hillary’s finance director, David Rosen, in May 2005, for election law fraud.

A Grand Jury in Los Angeles was presented with evidence by the Public Integrity at the Justice Department, directed by the same chief, Noel Hillman, who obstructed the prosecution of Sandy Berger according to House Government Reform Committee Chair Rep. Tom Davis’ report. Based on the misleading and incomplete evidence presented to the Grand Jury, which exculpated Hillary Clinton from any involvement in or knowledge of the fundraising activities of her subordinate Rosen, Rosen was solely indicted for providing information that only he knew was false, to Hillary’s treasurer for reporting to the FEC.

The Federal Judge, Howard Matz, (appointed by the Clintons in 1998) who officiated over the subsequent trial of Rosen in Los Angeles, made ethically questionable statements to the jury, prior to the commencement of the trial, stating unequivocally that Hillary Clinton was not involved in any direct way whatsoever in the illegal fundraiser, and that the government’s key witness Peter Paul, was a totally corrupt individual and a “con man” who was to blame for misleading Rosen- effectively supporting Rosen’s defense that Rosen never knew the Gala cost more than $400,000 because Peter Paul was the con man that the judge said he was!

The Federal Election Commission, after receiving in July, 2001, a complaint against Hillary by Paul for election fraud, concurrently conducted its own four and one half year investigation of Paul’s allegations, concluding the opposite of the Justice Department indictment, that Rosen wasnt liable in any way for the three false FEC reports filed by Hillary’s campaign. Hillary’s treasurer, Andrew Grossman was forced to admit he was responsible for knowingly filing the three false reports that Rosen faced 15 years in prison for based on Hillman’s prosecutorial conclusions.

Finally, based on an incompetent Senate Ethics Complaint filed by Paul’s former counsel at the ersatz public watchdog group Judicial Watch, the Senate Ethics Committee’s cursory investigation in 2006 of Paul’s charges of misconduct by Hillary Clinton ended without any results when the Committee pointed to the acquittal in the Rosen trial and the FEC exculpation of Hillary to exonerate Hillary from any ethics violations.

Now, the smoking gun tape has been pried from the hands of the US Attorney in New York who apparently withheld it from each and every federal investigation and trial where this evidence would have been critical to establishing Hillary Clinton’s involvement and misconduct.

The new question posed by the release of the smoking gun video of Hillary caught in the act of co-producing the Gala, Event 39, with its underwriter, Peter Paul is who in the government knew of the smoking gun tape and hid it from all of the federal investigations that were stymied for lack of the direct evidence it provides of Hillary’s involvement. Who should be accountable, besides Hillary and Bill Clinton, for the unprecedented obstructions of justice that withholding this tape has caused?

Federal Election law and laws pertaining to obstruction of justice and false statements to government officers and agencies must be revisited by all appropriate enofrcement agencies of each branch of government based on the evidence provided by the tardy release of the smoking gun Hillary Speakerphone Tape.