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Perjury and Obstruction- Depends on Whether You’re a Clinton or A Bush

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

The Scooter Libby conviction today, based on Prosecutor Fitzgerald’s belief that perjury and obstruction of justice must always be prosecuted, has shown all who care to see that Hillary Clinton is not accountable to the Rule of Law. Any comparison of former Justice Department political crimes chief Noel Hillman’s use of his office to protect perjury and obstruction by the Clintons and their agents Sandy Berger and Andrew Grossman with prosecutor Fitzgerald’s dogged efforts to hold the Bush-Cheney agents culpable for far less egregious violations, must confirm that the Rule of Law no longer applies to Hillary Clinton.

See the Rosen-Grossman case linked to the Hillary Clinton Accountability project site and the truth will only make you free if you do something about it.