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In Memorium of the “reliable” Jerry Ford, the Congressional Gofer Turned President

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
Peter Paul Gerald Ford
Peter Paul and Gerald Ford after lunch, 1989
I find the media coverage of Jerry Ford upon his passing to be particularly irritating based on my personal knowledge of Jerry Ford the man and as the political gofer that Richard Nixon could always rely on to do his dirty work in Congress. (Jerry admitted to me over a one on one private lunch in 1989 that one of his two most regretted actions during his political career was his aquiesence to Nixon’s order that he lead the effort to impeach Justice William O. Douglas after Douglas, then in his 70’s,  married the 22 year old Catherine Heffernan ).
The sudden media glorification of the man hand picked by Richard Nixon to replace his admittedly felonious predecessor VP, Spiro Agnew, should disturb the body civic in this country as well. ( It was Nixon’s mistaken conviction that Congress would never risk impeaching him and thereby enabling Ford to become President that was the basis for Ford’s appointment in the first place. Nixon knew that Congress was well aware of Fords many “limitations”) Ford’s ultimate act as Nixon’s lackey was to make good on his “back room” deal to pardon Nixon and thereby guarantee his ascension to the Oval Office. This was a subject that my client Bebe Reboso (Nixon’s best friend and owner of the magical key Biscayne Bank) made reference to in front of me when we were dining together with Nixon at the English Pub on Key Biscayne.
In this memorium for President Ford I would like to publish my experiences and observations of the man who because of Richard Nixon’s low opinion of him, became President and then traded off this historic anomaly for the rest of his life- using the William Morris Agency and Betty Ford’s “charity” to shake down unconscionable fees for his appearances at fund raising events. Details will be added when I return from a trip.

The Fraudulent Senator- a DVD Documentary Trailer in Production

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

A new rough cut long form trailer has been completed to prepare for the DVD
Documentary set for release in late January- Hillary Clinton: The Fraudulent
Senator. This adopts the name of a seven part series of articles published in which presents
four internet journalists’ investigations and confirmations of Peter Paul’s
five year allegations against the Clintons for frauds they directed that generated
Hillary’s largest contribution and contributed to the collapse of Spider
Man Stan Lee’s $100 million public company, Stan Lee Media.