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Hillary Clinton Receives New Demand Letter to Correct False FEC Report and Refund Illegal $1,060,000 Contribution

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

Hillary Clinton Receives New Demand Letter to Correct False FEC Report and Refund Illegal $1,060,000 Contribution

Hillary Clinton’s largest contributor to her 2000 Senate race delivers demand that Hillary finally admit to the voters that she did accept more than $1 million as a campaign contribution from Peter Paul in 2000 and that her role in suggesting his contribution made it illegal. Hillary’s latest FEC report, filed January 30, 2006, filed as part of an attempted settlement with the FEC of her campaign’s violations of Federal Election Laws, now admits for the first time Paul contributed $839,000 through his two personal holding companies, Paraversal and Excelsior, while continuing to hide Paul as the true source of the funds expended by those companies for Hillary’s campaign.

Paul also has demanded that Spider Man creator Stan Lee notify Hillary to correct her campaign’s false attribution of $225,000 as a personal contribution from Lee, which Lee has stated under oath he did not make. Paul advises Clinton that this contribution was in fact part of the more than $1.2 million confirmed by the Justice Department and the FBI as being made by Paul personally.

Paul arranged for the personal delivery to Hillary’s Senate offices of his new demand on Hillary to correct a fifth false FEC report filed by her campaign on January 30, 2006, and to refund to him the contribution he made that was illegally excessive under Federal Election Law. This delivery was video taped for inclusion in a documentary on the Hillary Clinton 2000 fundraising scandal now known as Galagate that Paul has been exposing as a whistleblower since February, 2001.

This is the letter that was Hand Delivered by Paul’s camera crew to Hillary’s chambers on Wednesday, the attached Demand Letter to Stan Lee is below:

October 18, 2006Senator Hillary Clinton
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC

Via Hand Delivery

Re: Second Request to Correct False FEC Report and Refund Illegal and Excessive Contributions Made in Cooperation and Consultation And At The Request Of A Candidate

Dear Hillary:

It has been five years since my original demand letter (attached) was delivered to your Senate chambers on July 16, 2001. In that letter I reminded you of the facts surrounding my personal expenditures of more than $1.2 million to benefit your 2000 Senate campaign, at the direction of yourself and your agents Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell, David Rosen, Kelly Craighead and James Levin.

I respectfully requested that you obey the laws you swore to uphold when you took the oath of the office I significantly aided you in obtaining. I asked that you file corrected reports with the FEC and IRS regarding my contributions and that you obey the laws requiring that you refund my illegally excessive cash in kind contributions of more than $1.2 million as now corroborated by the FBI, Justice Department Office of Public Integrity and the FEC.

You refused to take any action to correct the three false FEC reports filed by your Joint Fundraising Committee, New York Senate 2000, and you stood by while a fourth false report was filed with the FEC by your campaign treasurer, Andrew Grossman, on July 30, 2001.

You have refused to comment publicly on your role in directing and coercing my expenditures on behalf of your campaign between June and October, 2000, relying on spokes-lawyers who have consistently misled the media by stating that New York Senate 2000 filed correct reports. You have maintained that position until the December, 2005 admission by your campaign, in a forced settlement with the FEC based on overwhelming evidence of an intentional violation of Federal Election Law, that it did in fact file three false reports that hid more than $720,000 I expended on your campaign’s behalf.

No comment has been made by you or any of your spokes-people regarding the statements made on your behalf to the voters and your opponent, through the Washington Post in articles on August 15 and 17, 2000, that you vowed not to accept any money from me, that you refunded any money I contributed and that I contributed no money whatsoever to Event 39, the Hollywood Gala Farewell Salute to President Clinton on August 12, 2000 that I produced and paid all expenses for.

Your campaign filed a fifth FEC report on January 30, 2006, which purportedly corrected all previous false reports, and your campaign now attributes $225,000 as being contributed personally by my former partner Stan Lee, and $839,000 as being contributed by my two personal holding companies, Excelsior and Paraversal which somehow were lumped together as co-contributors of $839,000.
As you know, this FEC report, and the uncorrected IRS report made to mirror the original FEC 2000 reports, are false. Since you requested and suggested I make the personal contribution that I made that exceeded $1.2 million, and your agents Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell, David Rosen, Kelly Craighead, James Levin cooperated, consulted and even coerced me in connection with my contribution, you have been well aware that all of these reports are false, and all statements made on your behalf to the investigatory agencies that looked into this matter have been false.

In addition, Stan Lee has testified publicly, under oath and to all investigatory agencies that he gave no money to your campaign or to pay for Event 39. Yet he is now attributed by your campaign to have given $225,000. I have attached to this letter my demand letter to him (below) to notify you immediately to correct this January 30, 2006 report and attribute the $225,000 to me as the correct donor. I have also notified you that I made a $100,000 contribution through him which I reimbursed him for and which he has also confirmed in sworn testimony.

I have conducted all of my personal and business transactions through personal holding companies I wholly owned and controlled, including Paraversal and Excelsior, and all of the assets of those companies are my personal property and funds, and no one else’s. You are again on notice that all monies attributed as contributions to your campaign from my alter egos are in fact my funds over which I exercised complete dominion and control. Your efforts to confuse that issue by maintaining I never wrote one personal check to your campaign belie the fact that I never wrote personal checks for any business related expenditures I have made since 1979 when Fidel Castro’s government obtained a judgment against me.

Considering that Title 2 USC 441 f and 2 USC 441 a(a)(7)(B)(i) have been violated by your actions, and that all of my contributions on your behalf are attributable solely and exclusively to your candidacy, making them illegally excessive, I hereby demand you correct the latest FEC report that misreports my personal contribution of $1,060,000 and immediately cause that illegal contribution to be refunded at long last.

Please arrange with my counsel at U.S.Justice Foundation, Gary Kreep, to accept that refund as a contribution to that 501 c(3) educational foundation that fights public corruption and supports Constitutional rights.

Very Truly,
Peter F. Paul
c/o US Justice Foundation
Ramona, California
(760) 788 6624

Spiderman Stan Lee Notified to Demand Hillary Correct False FEC Report

Wednesday, October 4th, 2006

After his statements to the media and under oath in a video taped deposition in February, 2005, that he gave no money to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, and that he gave no money in connection with the Gala Farewell Salute to President Clinton that he hosted as Event 39 (see video deposition above)- the largest fuind raiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign- Stan Lee was formally notifed by his former partner, and Clinton’s admitted true donor, Peter Paul, that Lee was violating Federal Election Laws by not protesting Hillary Clinton’s campaign report to the FEC on January 30, 2006 that Lee  personally contributed $225,000.

In his demand letter to Lee, Paul notifies him that he is demanding Hillary Clinton refund the illegally excessive contribution, exceeding $1 million, that he made at Hillary’s behest, and as a result of Hillary’s agent’s coercion. In order to obtain the refund of the $1,060,000 that Hillary’s campaign finally admitted in its fourth FEC report January 30, 2006, receiving from Paul’s personal holding companies Excelsior and Paraversal and falsely from Lee personally, Paul requests that Lee recognize his legal obligation to require Hillary to correct her latest false report so that she can refund the entire $1million plus to Paul’s charity of choice- US Justice Foundation, a 501(c)(3) eductaional foundation that fights corruption and proetcts Constiutional rights.

October 18, 2006
Mr Stan Lee
Oriole Way
Los Angeles, CA
Re: Correction of False FEC Report Filed on January 30, 2006 by Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Senate Campaign Attributing $225,000 As a Personal Contribution From Stan Lee to Event 39 –
Dear Stan:
On December 19, 2005 a settlement was reached by Hillary R Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign with the FEC regarding claims I have made since July, 2001 that Senator Clinton caused false FEC reports to be filed that hid more than $1.6 million in contributions I made to her 2000 Senate campaign.
As part of that settlement, an admission was filed with the Federal Election Commission by Hillary Clinton’s campaign treasurer, Andrew Grossman, and New York Senate 2000, that more than $721,000 of contributions I made to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign were in fact hidden in three false reports it filed with the Senate and the FEC since October, 2000. As required by that settlement, on January 30, 2006, NY Senate 2000 filed an amended fourth report with the FEC purporting to truthfully detail all of the contributions made in connection with Event 39, the largest fundraising event of Senator Clinton’s 2000 campaign. (You may see these reports linked to Document Page)
Incredibly, Senator Clinton’s latest FEC report has misrepresented for a fourth time my contributions! This time, you have been cited on Page 23 of Schedule H-4 (attached) as the personal contributor of $225,000 towards “Concert Expenses” (of more than $600,000) in Event 39, the “Hollywood Gala Farewell Tribute to President Clinton” that you hosted with me in Brentwood on August 12, 2000.
An earlier, unamended report by Hillary Clinton’s campaign made to the FEC on June 30, 2000, also attributes an additional $4,000 as contributed by you and Joan - $2000 each- (in connection with the Spago VIP Luncheon of June 9, 2000 that you co-hosted with me). As you recall, this $4000 was reimbursed to you on June 29, 2000 by my agent Aaron Tonken, with funds I gave him for that purpose.
In order to finally correct what has become a five and one half year marathon election law fraud by Hillary Clinton on the voters, on me, and now on you, it is time the issue of whether you gave any money whatsoever to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, or to the DNC in 2000, be formally resolved.
You have stated under oath in your deposition for me on February 23, 2005, that you made no contribution whatsoever to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in connection with Event 39.
On page 66 of the official transcript from that deposition you are quoted as follows:
“ Q. (To Stan Lee). …And is it your understanding that you
didn’t contribute anything … anything for (Event 39)?
A. (By Stan Lee) I didn’t contribute anything.
In an article in World Net Daily dated April 26, 2006, regarding the January 30, 2006 FEC report by Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee, you are quoted as follows:
“Lee, reached recently … by independent reporter, Douglas Cogan, expressed surprise when told of the declaration. (the amended FEC report filed January 30, 2006 attributing a $225,000 personal contribution to Stan Lee).
Lee told Cogan he made it absolutely clear to the FEC, the Justice Department and the FBI that he didn’t give a single penny to Sen. Clinton’s campaign.
Lee said he did make a loan to Paul and agreed to switch checks of $100,000, but certainly did not make a donation. (Emphasis added)
In his Feb. 23, 2005, deposition in Paul’s bankruptcy case against celebrity fund-raiser Aaron Tonken, Lee testified, “I never had a hundred thousand dollars to donate to anybody.”
Commencing in August, 2000, Hillary Clinton began making false reports to the public about your alleged $100,000 contribution. Speaking through her official spokesman, Howard Wolfson, she was quoted in the Washington Post on August 17, 2000:
“Wolfson said Stan Lee donated $100,000 to cover some expenses for the event. As for the rest of the estimated $1 million-plus cost, “it was an in-kind contribution . . . and not a check,” Wolfson said.”
The same $100,000 was referred to by CNN on September 21, 2000, in an article Hillary Clinton bags $1 million in soft money in August. Under a headline “Donor List Includes Comic Legend”, Jim Brewer reported,
“ And Stan Lee Media, led by the longtime Marvel Comics chief and Spider Man creator gave $100,000.”
This $100,000 was also reported as being contributed by you in three successive false FEC reports made by New York Senate 2000, the authorized representative of a joint fund raising committee including the Hillary Rodham Clinton for Senate Committee, and in responses by both Hillary Clinton’s counsel and New York Senate 2000’s counsel to inquiries made by the FEC in September, 2001.
This $100,000 clearly refers to the $100,000 that you have sworn was borrowed from Stan Lee Media, at my direction and request, on July 28, 2000, and presented to David Rosen as an agent for New York Senate 2000, resulting in New York Senate 2000, on that very same date, presenting its check for the identical amount of $100,000, to Gary Smith for his production services for Event 39. This was done to make it appear that New York Senate 2000 was paying some expenses for Event 39.
This same $100,000 was represented in correspondence July 30, 2001, between by New York Senate 2000 and FEC officials as a payment made by New York Senate 2000 of hard dollars towards Event 39, when it was really the same $100,000 soft money contribution I asked you to make on my behalf in your name to Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a first payment for the production services of Grammy’s producer Gary Smith, Hillary Clinton’s choice of producers for the concert segment of Event 39.
You confirmed this fact in your sworn deposition of February 23, 2005, on page 77, that this $100,000:
“has to be the check that I gave Peter..for which I received one immediately in return.” You were referring to our exchange of checks on November 8, 2000, when Rick Madden, General Counsel of Stan Lee Media , requested that you personally repay the loan from Stan Lee Media represented by the $100,000 check dated July 28, 2000 to New York Senate 2000 from the Stan Lee Media account. The exchange of checks you were referring to was your receipt of my check made to you for $100,000 on November 8, 2000, drawn on my holding company Excelsior Productions Inc, and your delivery to me of your personal check for $100,000 made payable to Stan Lee Media Inc as the personal loan repayment from you. You never made any check to me personally or through my holding company for $100,000, as you mistakenly stated through your attorney, because you used my Excelsior check to cover your loan repayment to Stan Lee Media.
Also, as a result of the FEC investigation that led to the settlement agreement in which New York Senate does not deny violating the Federal Election law by filing three false FEC reports which hid more than $721,000 of my contributions, it filed a fourth FEC report on January 30, 2006, in which our former company, Stan Lee Media has suddenly been omitted entirely as a contributor of any money, contrary to the false attributions that were made in the three FEC reports for the preceding five years. Your $100,000 “contribution” check to New York Senate 2000, referred to by Wolfson, has also been omitted .
Now Hillary Clinton’s campaign reporting committee has reported that you personally provided “in kind” cash contributions of $225,000 toward Grammy’s producer Gary Smith’s concert production fees and expenses of Event 39.
Based on your statements under oath in your deposition and to federal investigators, there seems to be a serious contradiction in the facts as presented by you and this latest false attribution made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to the FEC on January 30, 2006.
Until this contradiction is resolved, I am unable to proceed to demand refund of the total expenditures I made to benefit Hillary’s campaign, at Hillary and Bill Clinton’s direction and insistence, which exceeded my statutory limit with respect to any candidate for election to a Federal office, which have now finally been reported in the same fourth false FEC report filed on January 30, 2006, as in-kind contributions of $839,000 from my holding companies Paraversal and Excelsior.
You should be aware that unless and until you notify the Hillary Clinton campaign, New York Senate 2000, and the FEC , that this latest FEC report filed by Clinton’s campaign is false, and you demand a correction to reconcile the facts you stated in your sworn deposition and in statements to government investigators and the media “that (you) didn’t give a single penny to Sen. Clinton’s campaign.”, with the attribution by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in her latest false FEC report, e.g. that you contributed $225,000 to her campaign, you are in violation of Title 2 of the US Code, Sec 441f. Until you ensure a correction has been filed with the FEC, you are permitting your name to be used by Hillary Clinton to hide a $225,000 contribution, that was in fact made by me. You are also helping and assisting Hillary Clinton to knowingly accept my contribution made in your name in violation of 11 CFR Sec 110.4(b)(iii)
Your admission that you agreed to switch $100,000 checks with me, at my request, so that it would appear that you contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in August, 2000, is also a violation of Sec 441(f) and Sec 437g(d)(1)(A)&(D) of Title 2 of the United States Code. While our actions from August – November, 2000 should be covered by the statute of limitations for government prosecution, the continuing FEC fraud being perpetrated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the latest false FEC report regarding your alleged contribution could possibly have the effect of extending the enforceability of that statute, affecting us both.
For the above reasons it is critical that you take action immediately to remedy the discrepancy that now exists between your sworn statements that you made no contribution whatsoever to Hillary’s campaign, or any other campaign, in 2000, and the official FEC reports filed by the New York Senate 2000 campaign on behalf of Hillary’s Senate campaign committee.
I therefore request that you forthwith notify Senator Hillary R Clinton, New York Senate 2000, its Treasurer Andrew Grossman, and the FEC, that you protest the false reporting made in the January 30, 2006 FEC Amended Quarterly Report of NY Senate 2000 that you personally contributed $225,000 for concert expenses for Event 39, the Hollywood Farewell Gala Tribute to President Clinton, and that you demand an immediate correction of that false FEC report.
Because you have been quoted as being on notice since April 25, 2006 of the false attribution to you of $225,000 in contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign through New York Senate 2000, your failure to notify the Federal Election Commission and the principals in the Hillary Rodham Clinton for Senate campaign committee regarding the sworn testimony you have given, contradicting New York Senate 2000’s FEC report, could subject you to the penalties provided under the law relating to the illegal use of your name to hide contributions you did not make. Your failure or refusal to act to correct this matter will require me to review your sworn deposition to determine if statements you made there are inconsistent with the facst that you have permitted to be placed in official federal reports.
Very Truly
Peter F Paul
932 “D” Street, Suite 3
Ramona, California 92065
tel: (760) 788-6624