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Clinton Lawyer Kendall Defends Fabricated Statement in Clinton Fraud Case

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Today, the Clinton family mouthpiece and architect of legal strategies to mislead and obstruct all investigations into Clinton serial misconduct, David Kendall, will be forced to defend his current fabrication in the latest law suit to expose Clinton corruption. The Washington Times ran a front page National News story on the developments in this suit today.

Kendall is appearing in a hearing on Peter Paul’s $30 million plus civil fraud suit against the Clintons in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Kendall’s false representation to the court, in a footnote to his Opposition Brief (below) to the recent Amendment of Paul’s complaint against the Clintons, first filed in 2001, was that

“Paul’s version of events (that Clinton caused the collapse of Stan Lee Media) is markedly different than what he described in his March 7, 2005, plea allocution. In his plea allocution, (Paul) stated - referring to the collapse of SLM…”I am extremely sorry for the harm my actions have caused.”


This declaration by Clinton’s lawyers to the court, that Paul admitted in another court proceeding to doing what Paul is now alleging that Clinton did, is a false statement by an officer of the court of a material fact to the Judge. Kendall’s statement was clearly designed to influence the court’s understanding of the gravamen of Paul’s case.

In fact, Paul has steadfastedly denied that any of his actions in misusing Merrill Lynch margin accounts he maintained with Stan Lee Media stock was at all connected with the company’s collapse. The only judicial review of these facts by a federal judge, in a 2003 order issued by Judge Fees in Stan Lee Media v Merrill Lynch, holds that Paul’s margin scheme, under the control of Merrill Lynch managers and compoiance officers, had nothing to do with the collapse of Stan Lee Media. In fact, it was the financial condition of SLM and the dot com meltdown of 2000 that caused the company first, and then Paul’s margin scheme, to collapse.

Further, Paul’s margin scheme was designed to benefit Stan Lee Media! See the Request for Judicial Notice filed by Paul’s counsel at U.S.Justice Foundation.