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Peter F. Paul (born September 2, 1948) has been an international lawyer and entrepreneur, a developer and President of the Miami World Trade Center designed by I.M.Pei and the Miami Free Zone, the largest foreing trade zone in the US, President of the California Bicentennial Foundation for the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, Founder, with Jimmy Stewart, of the American Spirit Foundation, the mastermind behind creating Fabio as a romance icon, [2] co-founder, with Spider-Man creator Stan Lee of Stan Lee Media. In 2001, he became the whistle blower in a campaign fund-raising scandal involving Senator Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton.[3]

The Early Years

At the age of 12, the Miami native founded “Americans Seeking Knowledge” (ASK),an organization founded by Paul to enable young Americans to engage in direct dialog with world political, cultural and economic leaders. The organization created an archives of original correspondence and memoirs directed to the youth of America. [4]

While in High School, beginning in 1963, Mr. Paul spent his summers as an exchange student in Chile, Peru and Argentina where he befriended Chile’s president, President Jorge Allessandri Rodriques. In Lima, Peru, in 1964, Paul was introduced to the grandfather of a fellow student in an opulent compound deep in the Peruvian jungle. Paul discovered that “Granpa Heinrich” was in fact Heinrich Mueller, the third most wanted World War II war criminal, the infamous chief of Hitler’s Gestapo who disappeared after the war. [5]


The Mueller case was Paul’s “first whistle-blowing venture.” While a student of International Law in The Hague in 1973 at the Peace Palace School of International Law at a reception for Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, Paul sat next to the chief West Berlin German war-crimes prosecutor and told him where Mueller could be found. The prosecutor promised to bring the information to the attention of Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal. In 2001, the Los-Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center acknowledged that the former Nazi had never been found but concluded that he was “no longer alive.”[6]

In 1964, Paul began his life of political activism by becoming the youngest precinct captain in the presidential campaign of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who he had met in the White House two years before when he arranged a meeting with President John Kennedy on behalf of his Americans Seeking Knowledge organization. He explained to journalist former New York Times writer Joan Swirsky that “ my political consciousness was not fully developed until I entered Dartmouth College and my Chinese history teacher, professor Jonathan Mirsky, convinced me to leave the NROTC (the “n” stands for naval) program I was in and oppose the Vietnam War,” which led him to participate in the first anti-war march down Fifth Avenue in New York and also to lead the civil rights movement at Dartmouth.[7]

But when Paul was “separated” from the then-boys-only school for off-campus “co-habitation”, Paul went to England to join Bertrand Russell’s Peace Foundation as director of the Stop-the-Draft arm of the famous philosopher’s global peace initiative, at the same time taking classes at the London School of Economics. After being persuaded to return to the U.S. in 1969 and join his father’s international law practice, Paul, Landy, Bailey and Yacos, Mr. Paul earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Miami, after which, in 1973, he obtained a certificate from The Academy of International Law in The Hague, Netherlands.[8]

On his return from the Netherlands, Mr. Paul quickly developed a leading role as an international lawyer in Miami, developing trade and commerce through powerful political and governmental clients in South America and the Caribbean.

Paul became the protégé of the founder of the World Trade Center’s Association in New York, Guy Tozzoli – the man who conceived the idea of the Twin Towers and arranged for them to be built with Port Authority of NY and NJ funds to benefit David Rockefeller’s land portfolio.

Mr. Tozzoli granted Mr. Paul the World Trade Center rights for Miami, Venezuela and Peru, which he used to develop an office tower using the city air rights over the city’s conference center – designed by world-famous architect I.M. Pei – and which today is a Miami landmark. He was also granted the exclusive rights to own and operate the largest foreign trade zone in the United States by the U.S. Department of Commerce – the Miami Free Zone.[9]

The Cuban coffee caper

Peter Paul was a lawyer in Miami, Florida, representing foreign governments and political leaders in South America and the Caribbean. He also founded and served as President of the Miami World Trade Center[10] and was the original owner and operator of the largest Foreign Trade Zone in the U.S., Miami Free Zone Inc.[3] As a result of what Paul described as anti-Communist and anti-Castro political activities[11], he directed a “sting” on Fidel Castro for $8.75 million dollars by selling agents of the Cuban dictator nonexistant coffee. The operation became known as the Cuban Coffee Caper and the US Government would not explain why they allowed and enabled Paul to accomplish the sting and then prosecute him for it. [3][12]

In the course of Paul’s directing the Cuban Caper, one of his operatives was arrested for possession of cocaine and attempted to obtain immunity by leading police to Paul and presenting a bag of coffee samples to them which contained cocaine. Paul pled guilty to conspiring to defraud the Cuban government and to possessing cocaine.[3]. The government admitted that it knew all the details of Paul’s “sting” on Castro before he accomplished it.[13] Paul was paroled after serving three years for tghese offenses. His license to practice law was suspended as a result of the convictions [14] [15], and Jimmy Carter enabled the Cuban government (an enemy under the Trading with the Enemy Act) to sue Paul in Federal Court in Miami, Dean Witter Reynolds v Fernandez v McDonald & Paul, No 79-112 CIV-CA (S.D. Fla) based on his fraud on the Cuban government.[15] Castro’s Banco Nacional de Cuba obtained a judgment against Paul for $9 million.

Involvement in politics and the entertainment industry

Paul moved to Los Angeles in 1985. He was appointed President of the California Bicentennial Foundation for the Constitution and Bill of Rights, a foundation designated by the California state legislature and governor to direct California’s role in the 1987-1989 Bicentennial celebration of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.[16] Paul’s efforts on behalf of the Foundation were praised by President Reagan and US Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger, while they were criticized by the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board who mistakenly believed Paul was partisan.

Paul’s efforts to harness the skills and resources of the advertising and entertainment industries to communicate effective messages to the general public about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was criticized by the LA Times in an editorial on Paul for his being an elitist in not trusting Californian’s interest and ability in studying the Constitution on their own with no prodding.

In an interview with an LA Times reporter, Paul referred to the founding fathers of the United States as “39 sweaty old men arguing in Philadelphia”,[16]. Paul maintained that entertaining approaches to generating a better understanding of the Constitution were necessary since a poll taken in malls throughout California showed a barrier to the public’s studying the Constitution created by the 18th century language in the document.[18] One year after the Los Angeles Times article,in October,1988,Chief Justice Warren Burger commended Paul for his commemoration efforts in a letter that read in part “We commend you for the many contributions you have made during the national commemoration of the Constitution’s 200th anniversary”.[19][20]

Paul co-produced the Beverly Hills “Welcome Home Dinner for President Ronald Reagan”, January 10, 1989, referred to in the Washington Post in August 17, 2000, to defuse Paul as a “Democrat” issue in the Hillary Clinton Senate campaign after his felony convictions in the late 1970’s were exposed in the Post.

Between 1987 and 1993 Paul conceived and packaged, with literary agent Robert Gottlieb, the autobiographical oral history,, by Thomas Houser with Muhammad Ali, Men From Earth by Buzz Aldrin on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Apollo XI’s moon landing, and the Autobiography of Tony Curtis. Paul then authored “Fabio: The Pictorial Biography”,in 1993, which has become a valuable collector’s item.

Paul co-founded the American Spirit Foundation in 1989 with actor Jimmy Stewart,[21] to apply entertainment industry resources and skills to benefit youth at risk in the U.S. and, later, to support democracy movements in the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. [citation needed] Paul enlisted comic book super hero creator Stan Lee as the Chairman of the Foundation. [22] The Foundation was connected to the American Spirit Corporation, a company which owned the rights to produce bronze replicas of the Constitution, and which raised money to pay for these replicas to be given to schools and other institutions. In exchange, the corporation paid for the foundation’s expenses, including Paul’s salary.[23]

Paul was appointed President of the American Friends of Lech Walesa, worked with Time Warner chairman Steve Ross to develop a corporate support group for emerging democracies in the Warsaw Pact.[citation needed] Paul produced and hosted a Hollywood reception and support group for Walesa on his first trip to the U.S. as President of Poland. [citation needed]

In 1991, after arranging for the publication of Tony Curtis’ autobiography, Paul managed the actor/painter and partnered with Curtis in an art gallery in Beverly Hills, Galerie Tatou. Paul designed the gallery to look like Tony Curtis’ living room so that patrons could have the experience of entering the living room of a Hollywood screen icon while perusing the art of Curtis and others. Paul produced a showing for Charlton Heston’s wife’s photography and arranged for President and Mrs Reagan to preside over its opening.

In 1992, Paul began promoting the career of Fabio as international Romance Icon, novelist and spokesman for women’s causes. [24] Within two years Fabio became a household name selling more than 4 million books in 9 languages in 23 countries and became widely known as the spokesman for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

Founding, with Spider Man Creator Stan Lee, Stan Lee Media

Peter Paul supervised the negotiation of a new agreement for his partner Stan Lee with Marvel Comics, enabling Lee to obtain a non-exclusive contract with Marvel Comics for the first time in his lifetime employment with Marvel. This enabled Paul and Lee to start a new Internet-based superhero creation, production and marketing studio, Stan Lee Media, in 1998. [1] They took the company public via a reverse-merger into a trading shell transaction in August 1999. [25]

In February, 2000, in the midst of the Internet stock market boom, Stan Lee Media built a 165 person studio that surpassed Disney and Warner Brothers in online animation, and the company’s market capitalization grew to well over $370 million, about $100 million more than Marvel Enterprises. [26

In a feature story in Time Magazine in February, 2000, Stan Lee was quoted as hoping that Stan Lee Media could buy Marvel Entertainment. Lee and Paul were joined by singer Michael Jackson in planning for the acquisition before the dot com market collapsed those plans.

At the end of the year, when the dot com collapse burst the NASDQ bubble in December, 2000, Stan Lee Media ran out of money and closed its doors. Paul alleged in a later civil fraud and coercion suit against Bill and Hillary Clinton that the company failed in large part because of the intervention of Bill Clinton, who Paul claimed persuaded his Japanese partner and investor, Tendo Oto, to renege on an investment that caused Stan Lee Media to collapse.[27]

In the aftermath of the company’s collapse, it was alleged that Paul and a corporate officer named Stephan Gordon had violated SEC Reg 10(b) 5 in their efforts to support the stock’s price to benefit the company in anticipation of the former President joining as a Rainmaker when he left the White House.

In February 2001, Stan Lee Media filed for bankruptcy, and Peter Paul was accused of fleeing to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he had established an English language products company years earlier.[29][30][31] A false affidavit filed by Gordon, which included statements that Paul fled to Brazil was subsequently retracted and corrected to admit that Paul did not flee, but went to Brazil to administer his company, 112 Interactive do Brazil, a seller of English language acquisition software. [32]

Paul Tries to Hire President Clinton and Becomes Hillary Clinton’s Largest Contributor

Paul and his attorneys have explained that he was trying to attract then-President Bill Clinton to serve on the board of Stan Lee Media after leaving office and therefore responded to Bill Clinton’s request that he expend more than $1 million to support Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign as part of his employment arrangement with Paul. Paul established contact with Hillary Clinton through DNC Chairman Ed Rendell in February, 2000, who arranged for Paul to host two fundraising events for Hillary Clinton on June 9, 2000, where Paul enlisted Mrs. Clinton to assist his efforts to hire Bill Clinton when he left the White House [34] After agreeing to Clinton’s terms submitted through his personal friend Jim Levin, Paul coordinated with the White House through Levin and Hillary Clinton through her White House aide Kelly Craighead. Clinton’s Senate campaign-finance director David Rosen, moved into Paul’s offices to direct the fundraiser Paul was producing and paying for. Paul produced and underwrote the largest fund raising event ever held for a federal candidate, in Los Angeles, days before the 2000 Democratic Convention began. The “Hollywood Farewell Gala Salute to President William Jefferson Clinton” was the largest event produced for a U.S. President in Hollywood and was the largest invitation-only private concert, featuring eight international headliners singing for the President while raising over $1 million for Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.[35] The event cost over $2 million to organize, and the Department of Justice later stated Paul paid more than $1.2 million personally for Hillary’s campaign and that information was illegally hidden from the public by Hillary’s campaign in three false FEC reports and in false statememnts made by Hillary Clinton to the Washington Post.

In fact, in the trial of Stephen Gordon for check kiting, charges that were dismissed against Paul, evidence showed Merrill Lynch officers suggested and supervised all of Paul’s margin accounts for which Paul was charged with manipulation because Paul directed more than $100 million in stock to be deposited at Merrill Lynch for over a year, from which Merrill profited substantially.[34]

Two days after the Hollywood Gala fund raiser for Hillary Clinton, the Washington Post publicized Paul’s two guilty pleas to his Florida crimes in the late 1970s. Hillary Clinton denied knowing Paul and “vowed not to take any contributions from him”. Through her official spokesman, Howard Wolfson, Hillary stated on August 16, 2000 that she would return $2,000 she reported receiving from Paul in June 2000,[34] and would not have anything further to do with him, and that he had “not contributed to the Gala”. She admitted, through her spokesman Howard Wolfson, as quoted in the Post that the Gala cost “$1 million plus” and that it was an “in kind” contribution to her campaign, falsely attributing $100,000 as donated from Stan Lee.[36]

Paul provided evidence of Hillary Clinton’s deception when he presented a copy of a faxed request for $100,000 in marketable securities sent on Hillary Clinton Senate Campaign letterhead to Paul’s controller, eight days after the statements made to the Post that she vowed never to take any money from Paul.[37]

USA v Paul, et al & Paul v Hillary R. Clinton et al

Contrary to allegations that Paul fled to Brazil in December, 2000, Vanity Fair’s Bryan Burroughs [38] confirmed that Paul returned from Brazil to Miami, Florida, in March, 2001, to retain public interest law firm, and frequent Clinton opponent, Judicial Watch to represent him in exposing political and public corruption he had witnessed. Paul began blowing the whistle on Hillary Clinton’s fraudulent FEC reports after reading in February, 2001 that his $1.2 million plus contribution was omitted, and $500,000 of that contribution was fraudulently misattributed to his public company, Stan Lee Media and to his partner, Spider Man creator Stan Lee. Paul began presenting his cancelled checks, letters, photos and videos to the Justice Department in March, 2001.[39]

On June 12. 2001, Paul was indicted on one count of violating SEC Reg. 10(b)5, for manipulating the price of the stock in Stan Lee Media. A week later, on June 18, 2001, Paul filed a landmark civil fraud and coercion suit against President and Senator Clinton for inducing him to contribute more than $1.2 million to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign as part of a business arrangement for Bill Clinton’s post White House rainmaking for Paul’s companies. Paul claimed that the Clinton’s had no intention of honoring the business agreement after they took his money, and that they interfered with his key investor from Japan, Tendo Oto, who went into business with Clinton agent Jim Levin instead of making a promised investment in Paul’s company. Paul alleged that the failure of Oto to make a promised investment of $5 million into Stan Lee Media in November, 2000, in the midst of the dot com meltdown, caused the company to close its doors after Paul was unable to save the stock from collapsing. Paul’s efforts to avoid the collapse of the stock of Stan Lee Media resulting from the Clinton’s illegal interference, resulted in the stock manipulation charges filed against him seven months later in New York.

On July 13, 2001, Paul appeared on ABC’s 20/20 in an exclusive interview with investigative reporter Brian Ross. Ross corroborated Paul’s charges that he spent more than $1.2 million in expenses for three fund raising events for Hillary Clinton and none of those expenditures had been reported. Ross confirmed that Paul’s Japanese partner, Tendo Oto, had illegally attended the Gala fundraiser. Ross showed White House video taken six weeks after Hillary Clinton distanced herself from Paul, of Oto attending the last White House state dinner, at Paul’s request. [40]

On July 16, 2001, at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Paul joined his lawyers by phone from Brazil and announced the filing of a formal complaint with the FEC and his efforts to launch a formal investigation by the U.S. Attorney General’s office.[41][42]

On August 3, 2001 Paul was arrested in Brazil and jailed, held pending the outcome of extradition proceedings used to keep Paul in Brazil for two years. [1]

Upon Paul’s return to the U.S. in October, 2003 Paul refiled his civil suit against the Clintons and in October, 2004, the California Supreme Court denied the Clintons’ appeal to dismiss Paul’s claims against them, [44]

Paul brought suit against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for failing to take action on his complaints against Senator Clinton. This suit was rendered moot by the FEC’s ultimate settlement fine of Hillary’s campaign for the Federal Election Law violations complained of originally by Paul.

In March of 2005, Paul had a falling out with his advocates at Judicial Watch. He accused them of using his name to raise more than $15 million from people who disliked the Clintons, while doing little to advance his case. He sued them for $1 million, and replaced them with

Also in March, Paul pled guilty to one count of violating SEC Regulation 10(b)5, which the government alleged in its press release caused “losses to the investing public and financial institutions of approximately $25 million”. [1] This allegation made by the US Attorney in Paul’s New York criminal prosecution was contradicted by Federal Judge Gary Feess in the Los Angeles civil trial, Stan Lee Media v Merrill Lynch, CV03-1036, when Feess ruled in his Dismissal of the case on July 30, 2003 that the “collapse of [Paul’s] margin scheme, intended to benefit Stan lee Media, did not cause SLM’s stock to decline in value” so that Paul’s violations of SEC regulations in the use of his Merrill Lynch margin accounts did not cause the collapse of the stock of Stan Lee Media, but the financial collapse of Stan Lee Media caused the collapse of Paul’s margin accounts.

In May, 2005, Hillary Clinton’s finance director David Rosen was tried by the Department of Justice on three counts of election fraud in Los Angeles federal court, for causing three false FEC reports to be filed by Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign which hid the true cost of the Gala, Event 39, Paul paid for. While Rosen was acquitted of all charges, jurors stated that “he could not have done it alone”. [53]

In fact, Hillary and her spokesman Howard Wolfson had been quoted in the Washington Post in August, 2000 stating they knew the Gala cost more than $1 million making it impossible for Rosen to have hidden this fact from hillary and her campaign as the government charged against him. Neither Hillary nor Wolfson were ever called to testify about their knowledge.

In the testimony in the trial, the FBI S/A David Smith presented testimonyand an affidavit confirming that Hillary’s campaign never reported two fundraising events Paul produced and paid for and that Paul’s allegations that he personally contributed more than $1.2 million to Hillary’s Senate campaign were correct. ,and false reports were made by Hillary’s campaign to the FEC hiding his contributions.

In December, 2005, Rosen’s superior, New York Senate 2000 Treasurer Andrew Grossman, admitted responsibility to the FEC for three false FEC reports that had been criminally attributed to Rosen, in an effort to hide “more than $721,000″ contributed by Paul. He and Hillary Clinton’s “New York Senate 2000″ campaign paid $35,000 in fines for intentionally violating the Federal Election Act of 1972. [54]

On January 30, 2006, Hillary’s soft money committee, NY Senate 2000, filed a fourth FEC report pursuant to the Settlement and Fine imposed by the FEC for filing false FEC reports that “hid more than $721,000″ contributed by Paul.[55] “The report attributed expenses of $838,000 PAID to Paul’s holding companies, Paraversal and Excelsior, rather than any contributions from Paul personally, and $225,000 to his business partner Stan Lee, despite Lee’s denial under oath. Lee … created “Spider-Man,” the “Incredible Hulk” and others. The report to the FEC makes Stan Lee was her biggest contributor, but Lee,…told [WND] he made it absolutely clear to the FEC, the Justice Department and the FBI that he didn’t give a single penny to Sen. Clinton’s campaign.” [56]

On April 7, 2006, Hillary Clinton filed a sworn Declaration in a hearing on the civil fraud suit,Paul v Hillary R Clinton, William J Clinton et al, failing to deny any of Paul’s allegations in his sworn Declaration. Hillary declared that she had “no recollection” of the incriminating parts of the conversations Paul had sworn occurred. The court set a trial date of March 27, 2007, in the case and advised Hillary’s attorney that she would not be protected from testifying as a material witness. Hillary was granted protection under California’s Anti-SLAPP law, and dismissed as a co-defendant, when she asserted belatedly, after she lost her Motion to Dismiss with the California Supreme Court, that her fund raising activities were protected by the First Amendment even if they included fraud. This left Bill Clinton, thier friend CBS producer Gary Smith, Jim Levin and Aaron Tonken as defendants awaiting trial on March 27, 2007, for business frauds that caused more than $30 million in damages to Paul and his company. [57]

On May 11, 2006, Political finance watchdog reports that Hillary’s Senate 2000 campaign also filed a false report with the IRS at the same time they filed their false FEC reports, and that the false IRS filings remain uncorrected. Those reports attributed a donation of $400,000 from Peter Paul’s company Stan Lee Media which never contributed anything, while failing to report the $1.2 million in donations from Paul through his holding companies as recently reported to the FEC.

The trial for Paul v Clinton et al is now pending in Los Angeles while discovery is beginning in June, 2008.


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